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FS98 panel--BAC 1-11. This panel is built for best pilot visibility. It based on a real photo from a 1-11 Serie 500. Include some gauges from Dai Griffiths, that allows you to make a very realistic jet engine start up procedure. By Rex Cramer.

Created 2019-09-25
Filename 111pan98.zip
Size 4.75 MB
System FS98
Downloads 4

FS98 Vickers VC10 Panel. This is a very detailed panel for the Vickers VC10 built with photos of the original cockpit. By Matthias Lieberecht.

Created 2020-01-16
Filename vc10-pnl.zip
Size 1.8 MB
System FS98
Downloads 0

FS98 panel--Vickers VC-10 four engine airliner and aerial refueller, v2. By Dave Haskell.

Created 2020-01-19
Filename vc10pnv2.zip
Size 2.55 MB
System FS98
Downloads 2

FS98 Panel--Seven Single Engine Prop Panels With HUD. Representing the MyGoFlight SkyDisplay HUD as featured in the Flying Magazine May 2019 issue. SkyDisplay is a quality low cost HUD option for real world general aviation aircraft. Included in this package are 7 panels for single engine prop aircraft with accurate HUDs. No need for axis indicators as these HUDs will make landings much easier, more realistic and fun. Created By Dennis Husted.

Created 2020-01-27
Filename gahudpnl1.zip
Size 5.37 MB
System FS98
Downloads 1

FS98 panel--Vickers Super VC-10 four engine jet airliner of the mid 1960's. By Dave Haskell.

Created 2020-02-13
Filename svc10pnl.zip
Size 1.93 MB
System FS98
Downloads 0

FS98 panel--BAC One Eleven. A BAC 1-11 panel based on a photograph of the real plane. By Ignacio Sanguineti and Raul A. Rodriguez.

Created 2020-03-23
Filename b11pnlrr.zip
Size 1.44 MB
System FS98
Downloads 1

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