MSFS 2020 December 16 2021 Dev Update

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2021 is coming to a close, and our team will be taking a short break. This will be the last Development Update until the new year. We hope you can spend time with your loved ones this holiday season and enjoy a much-needed break from the busyness of life! We have a unique piece of MSFS art we'd love to give away to a lucky member of the community - check out details on that below. Happy holidays and clear skies to all!


SDK Update


  • With holidays starting next week, the support provided on the DevSupport platform may experience some delays. Our team is taking some time off to enjoy the end-of-year celebrations. See you in 2022!


  • We fixed some camera settings: translation could have aberrant value and rotation is never saved.

Scenery Editor:

  • It is now possible to add Projected Meshes outside of airports!
  • We made the rotation of squared apron cumulative with the rotation of its texture, to avoid weird jumps of rotation when changing both rotation of the apron and rotation of the texture.
  • We fixed polygon-based objects (painted lines/area, aprons, light row) having incorrect altitude upon loading a Scenery file.
  • The right click popup doesn't open anymore if you have no object selected.
  • We fixed the rectangle aprons that were not updating properly after rotating them and undoing this action.

Visual Effects Editor:

  • We have reached a satisfying level of stability and a good amount of features available on this tool, so we decided to remove the BETA tag from it.
  • We now automatically select new nodes after a duplicate/copy&paste action.
  • We fixed the SimObjects names in the Spawner tab dropdown menu (they were previously displayed as numbers).
  • We fixed a crash when disconnecting or deleting one of several Emitters connected to a VisualEffect block when the effect is spawned.
  • We fixed the Emitter not working after being unlinked then linked again to the VisualEffect block.


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