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New Server is being transferred to a new dedicated server so while this happens you can use this website as normal except new registered users from 31/04/2022 will require to reregister once the transfer has been completed.


So after 11 days the transfer is still on going, I am having issues getting the new server to accept the transfer I have transferred wizzsim twice and now trying for a 3rd which upto now is working so hopefully soon it will be completed. If anyone wants to post some aviation humour or a joke in the forum I would really appreciate it right now, I know its a unusual request but I need some cheering up. Matt.

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We have posted a new Dev Update today covering the latest work and pre-release build of the 146 Professional MSFS. Well worth a read and there is a bunch of new screenshots for you to see that demo the latest work and features. They include but aren't limited to Full MSFS checklist support, New EFB features, New Variants including cargo variant door and associated liveries such as Cobham and Cello, new Cockpit features including 8k textures and cup holders, sun visors and seats and of course the FMS integration. Some of the shots are shown here.

Here's your link and expect more shots and moving pictures in the coming days as we approach time of release. Do remember also that you can sign up to receive an email as soon as the 146 is released. Worth doing especially if you're all out of patience.

Read development update