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New Server is being transferred to a new dedicated server so while this happens you can use this website as normal except new registered users from 31/04/2022 will require to reregister once the transfer has been completed.


So after 11 days the transfer is still on going, I am having issues getting the new server to accept the transfer I have transferred wizzsim twice and now trying for a 3rd which upto now is working so hopefully soon it will be completed. If anyone wants to post some aviation humour or a joke in the forum I would really appreciate it right now, I know its a unusual request but I need some cheering up. Matt.

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Dear Asobo Studios: Thank you for breaking our airplanes, for the third time, with Sim Updates. We will now once again cease production while we try to understand what you have broken, how to fix it, then get everything updated for our customers (again).

That is all. Concorde is effectively grounded until it can be fixed and updated. Apologies to all.

ETA: CodenameJack has narrowed the issue down to the new Asobo fuel_system. Yes folks, a year and a half since launch, and they're still changing things as crucial to airplanes as fuel - this bug was reported during the beta by users, and yet SU9 was released anyway without the bug being fixed. Do we now fix it our end? Will Asobo issue a patch? Will the patch then break our fix? The beta system is of absolutely no use if Asobo do not act on crucial issues such as these *before* going live with their updates.

The fighter jets (F-14, F-15 and F-15) and PT-17 Stearman are still on the older fuel system, so appear unaffected at this time.