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New Server is being transferred to a new dedicated server so while this happens you can use this website as normal except new registered users from 31/04/2022 will require to reregister once the transfer has been completed.


So after 11 days the transfer is still on going, I am having issues getting the new server to accept the transfer I have transferred wizzsim twice and now trying for a 3rd which upto now is working so hopefully soon it will be completed. If anyone wants to post some aviation humour or a joke in the forum I would really appreciate it right now, I know its a unusual request but I need some cheering up. Matt.

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She's back.

After tremendous work by CodenameJack, and Concorde users "LameLefty" and "RESETXPDR" on the microsoft forums, all of the engine and fuel issues have been diagnosed and fixed. The updates will be sent to Just Flight and the Marketplace today to ensure Concorde gets back into the skies as quickly as possible for all owners.

I should also add that Jorg Neumann at microsoft has been hugely helpful in talking over what went wrong. We were able to find a way to improve the communication between Asobo Studios and third-party developers prior to Sim Update releases, so that all developers know more about what has actually been changed within the sim *before* the final update rolls out. The plan is that with a detailed Changelog in advance of Sim Update releases (but while still in beta), devs can rapidly locate and diagnose issues and prepare their updates with more accuracy, instead of wondering what's a new sim-bug and what's a genuine fix or change each time the updates roll out. This idea is a WIP, as it would require Asobo to lock down their code earlier to give developers more time to make changes, but Jorg liked the idea and hopefully it will become a thing in the future.

Concorde's update should reach users today or tomorrow, depending on where you purchased Concorde.