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New Server is being transferred to a new dedicated server so while this happens you can use this website as normal except new registered users from 31/04/2022 will require to reregister once the transfer has been completed.


So after 11 days the transfer is still on going, I am having issues getting the new server to accept the transfer I have transferred wizzsim twice and now trying for a 3rd which upto now is working so hopefully soon it will be completed. If anyone wants to post some aviation humour or a joke in the forum I would really appreciate it right now, I know its a unusual request but I need some cheering up. Matt.

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Hello VSKYLABS pilots! As announced...VSKYLABS is working night and day, preparing the fleet for upcoming X-Plane 12 by X-Plane by laminar research.

Preparations are not only for "adding compatibility" ...but in practice, all the existing VSKYLABS projects versions are being developed to their respective NEXT VERSIONS! ...Exciting isn't it?

That means that the NEXT VERSION of each project will also include all relevant XP12 new features. Some of the projects were practically deeply overhauled under-the-hood!

All new projects versions for upcoming X-Plane 12 will be pushed to the respective existing customers as a FREE UPDATE! So it is just the perfect time to utilize the 'LEVEL-UP' sale for "tasting" the projects in X-Plane 11, and at the same time to ensure that the free update for X-Plane 12 will be available, once ready.