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New Server is being transferred to a new dedicated server so while this happens you can use this website as normal except new registered users from 31/04/2022 will require to reregister once the transfer has been completed.


So after 11 days the transfer is still on going, I am having issues getting the new server to accept the transfer I have transferred wizzsim twice and now trying for a 3rd which upto now is working so hopefully soon it will be completed. If anyone wants to post some aviation humour or a joke in the forum I would really appreciate it right now, I know its a unusual request but I need some cheering up. Matt.

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After the successful release of our CRJ-700 package, AD Simulations is proud to introduce the next in line popular business jets in its class, the CRJ-900.

We followed blueprints, documents, videos and sources from real life CRJ pilots which in turn created a package that we hope, will satisfy the majority of the users.


Our package includes recreation of the CRJ900 aircraft (type certified as the CL-600-2024) which is a stretched version of the CRJ-700.



  • The CRJ900 is powered by two FADEC equipped General Electric CF34-8C5 powerplants
  • The CRJ900 has larger winglets and has longer fuselage than the CRJ-700 Series
  • AD Simulations CRJ-900 cabin is using the option called "atmosphere"
  • It provides buttons to adjust DOOR ASSIST, CEILING, SIDEWALL and ENTRANCE Lights. Using combination of different lighting conditions creates different look
  • You can adjust cabin and stairs lights using buttons on the right wall looking toward cabin
  • All windows shades, overhead bins and seat trays are animated and functional

General Notes

  • Basic systems are programmed based on CRJ-900 aircraft. In subsequent updates we are making systems deeper and adding new ones. CRJ real life pilots and few simulator enthusiasts are helping us to develop and make them work properly
  • Flight Control Panel knobs support fast scrolling via left mouse button press and hold and precise scrolling via mouse wheel scroll
  • All switches now support new manipulators with Above/Below click for UP/DOWN movement and mouse wheel scroll
  • Mode Control Panel SPEED and other modes simulate the real Autopilot modes on the CRJs.
  • Implemented Electrical System
  • Circuit Breakers are all animated and ready to perform certain actions accordingly to their function in future updates
  • Tablet/EFB on Captain and FO sides
  • Functional Audio Control Panel with lit buttons and animations
  • Rectangular and Arrows Flight Director Command Bars as an Options