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The news just keeps coming.... A major update is happening over the next 48 hours which I hope everyone will like. The module that is used on wizzsim for the download section has just released a completely new update which I am now in the process of implementing into wizzsim.com. First I will be backing the complete website before doing the update so that if it brakes anything or everyone just does not like the new updated version I can simply upload the backup in its place to go back to the original download module but hopefully this wont be the case and everyone will like the new system. I am also thinking about purchasing a more refined news module for wizzsim.com so I will keep you posted with this. For now keep flying the virtual sky's, Keep well and keep safe.

Regards Matt.

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X-Plane 11 RNAF Default KC-10 1.0 X-Plane 11 RNAF Default KC-10 1.0 HOT

X-Plane 11 RNAF Default KC-10 1.0. This is a Royal Netherlands Air Force livery for the default KC10. There are still two in use in the Netherlands (one day they will be replaced by the A330 tanker). Unzip and place into the liveries section of the default KC-10. If a liveries folder is not present, simply create one. By Henk de Bruin.

Created 2019-07-05
Filename rnaf_xp11.zip
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Downloads 257
System X-Plane
Size 33.23 MB

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