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X-Plane 11.30+ AVRO 707 1.0.1 X-Plane 11.30+ AVRO 707 1.0.1 HOT

X-Plane 11.30+ AVRO 707 1.0.1. Avro built four prototypes to test a variety of handling characteristics for wing shapes on the Vulcan bomber. This is simply a re-post of Daniel Grimes' original work run up to V11 (mustn't be allowed to rot on the scrapheap). Each plane has different handling characteristics (the first two are quite nasty). Please fly from the external view (shift 4) as the cockpit interiors need re-doing (not that there will be anything too exciting in these anyway). It is interesting see the visual differences through the versions and compare layouts with the MK1 Vulcan (particularly the C version). Landing a delta has challenges requiring a nose high approach which gives high ground effect at flare, so the aircraft will often just float down the runway if the speed is too high. Later on the Fairey Delta 2 was used in a similar way to evaluate the Wing for Concorde. Please see the included documentation for further details on this model. By Ray Hill.

Created 2019-08-09
Filename avro_707.zip
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System X-Plane
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