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One room decorated six more to go but for the next few days I'm taking some time away from our new family home and spending some time to update wizzsim.com

So in 24 hours or less expect some new downloads too be added to the download database and if I have enough time the latest news as well.

I will of course keep you all updated and wizzsim will be back to normal and updated as regular as I can very soon.

Regards Matt.

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X-Plane 11.25+ WDL-1B 1.1 X-Plane 11.25+ WDL-1B 1.1 HOT

X-Plane 11.25+ WDL-1B 1.1. The WDL-1B is a non-rigid airship built by the Westdeutsche Luftwerbung (WDL) Airship Company during the 1960s. Information on this model of airship is scarce, but it is 197 feet long and is powered by two Continental IO-360 engines, the same engines used in the GZ-20. It can fly up to 58 knots and it is still operated today. This aircraft includes four liveries, custom sounds and a 2D panel. Please see the included 'Readme' file for more information. Changes made in the 1.1 update: resized liveries to the proper 2048x2048 size, plus added two additional liveries. By Cynderdragon.

Created 2019-06-24
Filename wdl-1b.zip
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Downloads 206
System X-Plane
Size 36.13 MB

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