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Sorry for the delay as you know moving is stressful and as you know my internet was supposed to be connected 3 days ago which I'm now having issues with. I have a engineer coming out today so hopefully I will be able to update Wizzsim sometime today  

Wizzsim.com updates will recommence today with new downloads and news as I now have internet at our new home. But I do want to stress that till me and my family have finished unpacking updates will be minimal.  I will of-course try my very best to update as much as I can. But for now enjoy using wizzsim and thank you to you all for your patience. Regards Matt. No registration required for now.



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FS2004/FSX Lauda Air Boeing 737-8Z9 FS2004/FSX Lauda Air Boeing 737-8Z9

FS2004/FSX Lauda Air Boeing 737-8Z9. This is a repaint of the TDS (Tenkuu Developers Studio) Boeing 737-800 model, in Lauda Air livery, registration OE-LNK. Texture only. The textures are saved in 32 bit format for quality graphics. Model developed by Tenkuu Developers Studio, features high resolution textures, dynamic flexing wings, nose gear steering, rudder lock, ground spoilers, low speed aileron locks at high speed, fully animated control surfaces, fully independent suspension, trim animation, opening passenger doors, rolling wheels, animated thrust reverse with reverser block doors, detailed textures, full night lighting, ground service vehicles and more. Model design by Hiroshi Igami. Flight dynamics design by Nick Wilkinson, with assistance from David Biggar. Master textures and paint kit by Kyle Schurb. By Stefan Bree.

Created 2020-05-28
Filename boeing_737-8z9_laudaair_oe-lnk.zip
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System FSX
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