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FSX Bell X-1 rocket plane; the first to break the sound barrier. Based on earlier work by Dave Garwood, Julian Higgs and Bob Chicilo.

Created 2019-07-07
Filename fsxbellx.zip
Size 1.15 MB
System FSX
Downloads 5

FSX Atkinson AJ2. An updated version with a new VC with working autopilot, pop-up radio stack, GPS, digital gauges and more. Also includes a new 2D panel.

Created 2019-07-07
Filename atkinaj2.zip
Size 1.43 MB
System FSX
Downloads 11

FSX Grumman X-29. This model uses real NASA specs. Now updated for FSX. Original by Kazunori Ito.

Created 2019-07-09
Filename fsxx-29.zip
Size 952.71 KB
System FSX
Downloads 5

FSX Cameron Hot Air Balloon. Features realistic hot air balloon flight dynamics, custom gauges and effects, self illumination textures, simply dynamic VC, repaint kit. By Bruce Fitzgerald.

Created 2019-07-11
Filename hab.zip
Size 2.23 MB
System FSX
Downloads 8

FSX Noorduyn Norseman On Floats. The Noorduyn Norseman was built from 1935 until 1959. They have been used all over the world in both civil and military roles. Includes three paint schemes, Canadian, USAF and Bush Flying Unlimited. Original model by Brian Gladden. Upgrade to FSX (tested in FS2004/FSX/FSX Acceleration, Windows 7) by A.F. Scrub.

Created 2019-07-20
Filename norsemanfloat.zip
Size 3.31 MB
System FSX
Downloads 6

FS2004/FSX Firefox 2 Update. This is a correction of the last update for both FS2004 and FSX of the FS2004 Firefox 2 by Owen Smoot, painted by Kurt Beswick. The afterburners were not changed in the file previously uploaded and a gauge for the FSX panel was also not included. This is the whole aircraft again with the changes, so you don't need anything previous to this for this to work. By Bob Chicilo.

Created 2019-07-23
Filename ffoxcorr.zip
Size 4.56 MB
System FSX
Downloads 4

FSX Saunders Roe SR-45 "Princess". The SR-45 first flew in 1952 and was one of the largest flying boats ever built. It was overshadowed by the upcoming land based 707 and DC-8 so only one was finished and test flown. This is a native FSX Acceleration project. It has the usual animations, specular shine, .dds textures, reverse thrust, and turbine smoke that turns on and off as a function of throttle position. The VC is based on a photo and has animated flight and engine controls. There is no 2D panel. There are two liveries, the factory paint and the proposed BOAC livery. By Paul Clawson.

Created 2019-07-27
Filename sr45.zip
Size 4.62 MB
System FSX
Downloads 5

FSX Native Grumman S2Turboprop Civil Fire Tanker. By Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, Tom Fliger, Martial Feron, Jan Visser and sounds by Nigel Richards, retardant gauge XML copyright (C) H. Naegele.

Created 2019-09-03
Filename s2tcivpkgx.zip
Size 117.6 MB
System FSX
Downloads 51

FSX/P3D/Acceleration/FS2004 Dornier Do-24 Flying Boat. Originally the DO24 seaplane was a Dornier construction, requested by the Dutch Navy. Then in WWII the German military used it successfully for different purposes, including search and rescue. The excellent aircraft mastered even take-offs and landings in relative high waves. Even after the war Spain used one plane for SAR missions arround the island of Mallorca. The original FS2004 sim-model is made by Wim Regeer. "Shessi" from Sim-outhouse (SOH) reworked that model with a virtual cockpit (VC) including a cabin for the engineer and radio operator and a four men crew. The textures for the SAR version are made by Antonio Diaz. The panel rework, FSX-configuration with weapon effects and cameras for internal, external and gunner views are done by Erwin Welker.

Created 2019-09-10
Filename do24t3_fsx.zip
Size 26.15 MB
System FSX
Downloads 15
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