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Update regarding my hand, So after visiting the hospital today ive been told I must wear a sling and a cast for two more weeks as my hand has not healed as quickly as expected after my operation. So as a result wizzsim will be updated slowly and as much as I can while my hand heals and I will again provide another update 2 weeks from today. Regards Matt.

Category: FSX - Misc
Downloads: 10

FSX default Lear 45 engine smoke effect. Just add to your FSX Default Lear 45. Simple installation. By Tom Tiedman

Created Sunday, 08 September 2019 01:46
Filename fsx_default_lear_45_engine_smoke.zip
Size 150.82 KB
System FSX
Downloads 193

FSX Default Douglas DC-3 Engine Smoke Effect. Just add to your FSX default Douglas DC3. Easy Installation. By Tom Tiedman.

Created Sunday, 08 September 2019 01:47
Filename fsx_default_douglas_dc-3_engine_smoke_effect.zip
Size 152.23 KB
System FSX
Downloads 155

FSX/P3D Boeing 747-400 Steerable Body Gear [Test]. A second update of the model. Reworked on the body gear that does not tilt and the steerable body gear (still in testing position). I have no idea of making it turn like nose gear because I have to link the body gear's turning animation to the rudder so it will steer even in the air. Still FSX/P3D native. (You can use my old-1st gen of my model if you aren't pleased with this). By Kitt Boonyeung.

Created Thursday, 19 September 2019 22:03
Filename b747bodygeartest.zip
Size 3.31 MB
System FSX
Downloads 211

FSX Nysa N59 Old Polish Commercial Vehicle. Polish commercial vehicle produced in the city of Nysa in the years 1958–1994 in the versions: Nysa N57, Nysa N58, Nysa N59, Nysa N60, Nysa N61, Nysa N63, Nysa 501, Nysa 503, Nysa 521 and 522. Nysa 522 available on Scenery3D website. Models dedicated to retro scenery. By Robert Jastrzebski (RCJ).

Created Saturday, 11 January 2020 02:08
Filename nysa_n59.zip
Size 5.87 MB
System FSX
Downloads 211

FS2004/FSX Rwy12 Objects EXE. Tired of dowloading scenery that's great, just to find out you need ten Rwy12 objects to make the scenery work? Those days are gone. Here is the complete library in an easy to use execute file. All libraries are included; nothing to look form, they are all here as of March 2010. Package by David Grindele.

Created Tuesday, 21 January 2020 22:39
Filename rwy12_1.zip
Size 52.02 MB
System FSX
Downloads 458

FSX Mercedes Sprinter Design Ground Vehicle (three versions). These files are for scenery designers and could not be used directly in FSX. By Robert Jastrzebski (RCJ).

Created Friday, 12 June 2020 00:04
Filename merc_3.zip
Size 2.4 MB
System FSX
Downloads 171

FSX Wilco VirtualCol Canadair CRJ-200 v2 Merge. Do You remember the (not so) good (and very) old Wilco's Regional Jet Vol.1 - CRJ package released years ago for FS2004 and than ported over to FSX? This is a merge between VirtualCol CRJ v2 and Wilco's Regional Jet CRJ pack. The merge puts Wilco's systems into VCol's Aircraft, so we can finally fly CRJ200 with some nice systems and visuals. So if you still have this old bird somewhere but never fly it anymore because of external model and flight dynamics, than you can check out this merge. Both aircraft are payware and are needed to be installed in order for this merge to work. By Andrzej Glowacki.

Created Saturday, 29 August 2020 23:41
Filename wilco_virtualcol_crj_vcol_crj200_merge.zip
Size 10.04 MB
System FSX
Downloads 145

FSX 2ndIOS3objects. This is a library of scenery objects I created for scenery I have made for FSX. This library contains objects not usually seen in FSX. I have included several mining structures, a funeral home, limousine, hearse, surveillance camera, and many more objects. Until now I have not released this library so none of these objects have not been seen. I am also uploading some scenery I have created that will use some of these objects. By Daniel C. Culver.

Created Friday, 04 September 2020 23:06
Filename 2ndios3objects.zip
Size 32.58 MB
System FSX
Downloads 122

FS2004 Boeing 737-800 Paint Kit. A paintkit for the Erick Cantu/FFX B737-800 model (not included). Includes blank DXT3 textures and 24 bit normal format bmp's for easy editing. By Arjan Scheffel.

Created Friday, 09 October 2020 00:26
Filename b738_ffx.zip
Size 3.85 MB
System FS2004
Downloads 64

FSX AI Carriers, second release, for FSX, SP1 and Acceleration. This is a small software that allows you to place and control single ships or complete naval fleets in Flight Simulator X. Unlike previous software concerning AI ships and carriers, or missions, it doesn't need complex edit of traffic files or mission files. Just add when you are in free flight, anywhere you want. By Lamont Clark. Public Domain.

Created Saturday, 13 February 2021 02:17
Filename aicarriers2.zip
Size 5.28 MB
System FSX
Downloads 13


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