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FSX default Lear 45 engine smoke effect. Just add to your FSX Default Lear 45. Simple installation. By Tom Tiedman

Created 2019-09-08
Filename fsx_default_lear_45_engine_smoke.zip
Size 150.82 KB
System FSX
Downloads 49

FSX Default Douglas DC-3 Engine Smoke Effect. Just add to your FSX default Douglas DC3. Easy Installation. By Tom Tiedman.

Created 2019-09-08
Filename fsx_default_douglas_dc-3_engine_smoke_effect.zip
Size 152.23 KB
System FSX
Downloads 38

FSX/P3D Boeing 747-400 Steerable Body Gear [Test]. A second update of the model. Reworked on the body gear that does not tilt and the steerable body gear (still in testing position). I have no idea of making it turn like nose gear because I have to link the body gear's turning animation to the rudder so it will steer even in the air. Still FSX/P3D native. (You can use my old-1st gen of my model if you aren't pleased with this). By Kitt Boonyeung.

Created 2019-09-20
Filename b747bodygeartest.zip
Size 3.31 MB
System FSX
Downloads 54

FSX Nysa N59 Old Polish Commercial Vehicle. Polish commercial vehicle produced in the city of Nysa in the years 1958–1994 in the versions: Nysa N57, Nysa N58, Nysa N59, Nysa N60, Nysa N61, Nysa N63, Nysa 501, Nysa 503, Nysa 521 and 522. Nysa 522 available on Scenery3D website. Models dedicated to retro scenery. By Robert Jastrzebski (RCJ).

Created 2020-01-11
Filename nysa_n59.zip
Size 5.87 MB
System FSX
Downloads 40

FS2004/FSX Rwy12 Objects EXE. Tired of dowloading scenery that's great, just to find out you need ten Rwy12 objects to make the scenery work? Those days are gone. Here is the complete library in an easy to use execute file. All libraries are included; nothing to look form, they are all here as of March 2010. Package by David Grindele.

Created 2020-01-21
Filename rwy12_1.zip
Size 52.02 MB
System FSX
Downloads 67

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