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X-Plane 11 vFlyteAir Ryan Navion 205 Vintage Freeware 1.1.1a. This is a 1950 Ryan Navion 205 freeware model for X-Plane 11.2 or newer. The author had always wanted to create a vintage-style version of the Navion, so here she is! Check out the time-worn interiors and period-correct gauges. The instrument panel is laid out almost exactly as shown in the 1950 Navion 205 POH (which is included as a PDF with the download). If you're a fan of retro and vintage airplanes, you'll love the 1950 Navion 205 Vintage. The Navion 205 Vintage is optimized for VR, and features PBR textures, FMOD sounds, and custom HDR lights. Tested with X-Plane 11.10, 11.25 and 11.30Beta3. It also integrates Folko's amazing AviTab plugin as a windscreen-mounted eTablet. The model is fully animated with 3D cockpit and hi-res textures. Please see the included documentation for further details. Version 1.1 includes many fixes and changes and these are detailed in the package. By Walker Guthrie (vFlyteAir).

Created 2019-06-26
Filename vflyteair_navion205_v1_1_1a.zip
Size 110.68 MB
System X-Plane
Downloads 27
X-Plane 11 Blank Livery C-90B King Air 1.0. This is a blank livery for the default X-Plane 11 Beechcraft C90 King Air. This is not a paint kit, but is a base to help painters make their favorite liveries for this plane. Instructions: unzip the downloaded file and place the created folder into the 'liveries' directory of the default X-Plane 11 Laminar Research C90B. By Antonio Navarro.
Created 2019-06-29
Filename blank.zip
Size 8.98 MB
System X-Plane
Downloads 33
X-Plane 11 Beechcraft King Air C90 EC-GOY 1.0. This is a bare-metal livery for the default X-Plane 11 C90 King Air. It represents a Spanish registered aircraft with the registration EC-GOY (one of a few C-90s with a bare aluminium livery). Unzip and place the folder into the liveries folder of the X-Plane 11 C90 King Air. By Antonio Navarro.
Created 2019-06-29
Filename ec-goy.zip
Size 9.65 MB
System X-Plane
Downloads 21

X-Plane Alternative Normals R1 Default 11 Baron B58 1.1.1. The default X-Plane 11 Baron B58 is a fantastic plane, however the appearance of this plane is almost matte. If you would like a glossy finish with reflections (see screen shot), download these modified Normals (Revision R.1) and follow the instructions. Please note that the default livery is unchanged. By Antonio Navarro.

Created 2019-07-05
Filename release_1_default_normals_baron.zip
Size 3.82 MB
System X-Plane
Downloads 10

X-Plane 11 C172 Skyhawk D-BEYN 1.0. This is a repaint for the default X-Plane 11 Cessna 172. Download and unzip the file named DBEYN, then open and copy the folder D-BEYN into your Cessna172 liveries folder. By James Lambe.

Created 2019-07-07
Filename dbeyn.zip
Size 15.59 MB
System X-Plane
Downloads 55

X-Plane Shell Oil PA22 Tri Pacer 1.0. This is a fictional Shell Oil repaint for payware Alabeo Piper PA22 TriPacer. To install the livery just download the file, unzip it and place the complete 'Shell Oil G-POL' folder into the 'liveries' directory of the aircraft. By Paul Mort.

Created 2019-08-01
Filename shell_oil_g-pol.zip
Size 12.01 MB
System X-Plane
Downloads 4

X-Plane Pilatus PC-12 N2612E 1.0. This repaint is for the payware Carenado PC12. Unzip and place the folder (N2612E) into the liveries directory of the aircraft. By James Lambe.

Created 2019-08-02
Filename pilatus_pc12.zip
Size 33.47 MB
System X-Plane
Downloads 23

X-Plane Pilatus PC12 F-VELF 1.0 This repaint is for the payware Carenado PC12. Unzip and place the folder (F-VELF) into the liveries directory of the aircraft. By James Lambe.

Created 2019-08-02
Filename horse_power.zip
Size 33.15 MB
System X-Plane
Downloads 21

X-Plane 11.35+ Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-8 Utka (Duck) 1.0. The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-8 Utka was a Soviet experimental aircraft. Built of wood, the aircraft was designed and built in 1945 to test the novel canard configuration. It also used a tricycle undercarriage, the first used by the OKB. The aircraft was used as a testbed for developing the swept wing of the MiG-15, and afterwards continued to fly as a communications/utility aircraft for the OKB. Being made of wood and fabric, it was very light and reportedly a favorite among MiG OKB test pilots for its docile, slow-speed handling characteristics. Documentation included in the package. By Billy Bargagliotti.

Created 2019-09-07
Filename mig-8_folder.zip
Size 8.76 MB
System X-Plane
Downloads 5

X-Plane 11.25+ Transavia PL-12 Airtruk (Sky Farmer) 1.0. The Transavia PL-12 Airtruk is a single-engine agricultural aircraft designed and built by the Transavia Corporation in Australia. The Airtruk is a shoulder-wing strut braced sesquiplane of all-metal construction, with the cockpit mounted above a tractor-location opposed-cylinder air-cooled engine and short pod fuselage with rear door. The engine cowling, rear fuselage and top decking are of fibreglass. It has a tricycle undercarriage, the main units of which are carried on the lower sesquiplane wings. It has twin tail booms with two unconnected tails. Its first flight was on 22 April 1965, and was certified on 10 February 1966. Documentation included in the package. By Billy Bargagliotti.

Created 2019-09-25
Filename transavia_sky_farmer.zip
Size 4.27 MB
System X-Plane
Downloads 3

X-Plane 11.30+ Aeronca Chief 1.5.1. The Aeronca Chief is a single-engine, two-seat, light aircraft with fixed conventional landing gear, which entered production in the United States in 1945. Designed for flight training and personal use, the Chief was produced in the United States between 1946 and 1950. Version 1.5.1: elevator deflections corrected, and changed the struts on the 72Y livery to blue to more accurately reflect those on the real aircraft. If you enjoy the Chief, please leave a comment as it's always nice to see work appreciated. By Alex Jenns.

Created 2019-10-17
Filename aeronca_chief.zip
Size 84.38 MB
System X-Plane
Downloads 19

Super King Air B-200 for X-Plane 11
--Flight operations Notes--
* Approach speed around 110 kts with one notch of flaps if you are light(half fuel load). Two notches if you are near max weight ** Landing speed right around 80 kts ** To Taxi pull mixture (conditioning) levers back to about 64 percent N1 ** When at cruise altitude pull prop RPM levers back to about 1800 RPM (optimal prop performance at cruise) ** Climb and land with prop RPM levers full forward ** Test prop feather by setting max parking brake...Advancing throttles up to 80 percent N1...  Pull prop RPM levers back to below first of 3 orange lines on the "feather label" ** On shutting down the engines, pull the prop RPM levers full back to feather for the animation to work right(auto feather data ref still an issue)

* --Description and Instructions-- -
I modeled a 3-D Tablet which is mounted to the captains side of the cockpit for the G1000.  The G1000 Map slides out of the tablet on its own slide-out panel which is controlled using the "Map" rocker switch located  on the top right of the Tablet. It is hooked to Slider #10 if you want to set up a keyboard shortcut for the Map slide-out.  I use (Shift+F10)  I also hooked the Hide/Show Yoke animation to the Tablet. "Y" on the keyboard or click the mounting bracket on the side of the cockpit wall.

-Wing ice lights functional. Operate via a switch on the lower 3d panel...a dimmer switch on the overhead panel... and one on the 2d panel.
- Interior dynamic lighting effects for the pilot flight lights (panel lights), overhead flood lights,   and for the passenger area of the cabin. Passengers have their own lighting rheostats when seated at a table.(work in progress...will update)   Best if your Visual Effects setting is set to high(HDR).
- Hide/Show yoke option available. Shortcut key "Y" or click where the yoke passes through the panel.
- Customized the radios so now they are a nice amber color instead of the default red. 
- 8 Liveries included with this download.- 6 repaints- 1 color guide- 1 your paintSlider animations:***You may need to go into settings, keyboard, operations, sliders   and assign a keyboard shortcut to the sliders***   (or just click on the ones that are available to click. The wing lockers and door handle are not clickable)
- Port wing locker is hooked to slider 1--- Starboard to slider 2.  (my keyboard assignments for the sliders...shift+F1, shift+F2...etc.)- Main exit latch is controlled by slider 3 (just animates unlocking the door...not required to open it)
- Open the main exit with slider 4 (buttons on 2d and 3d panels)- Raise/Lower Pilot and Co-pilot Arm rests with slider 5 and 6  ( Click spots near the back of the arm rests)
- Open/Close Lavatory door with slider 9  (Click the door knob)  You can also grab the light switch to brighten or dim the Lavatory lights- Raise/Lower padded toilet seat cover in Lavatory using slider 8  ( Click the seat cover) When the seat cover is up, the sign on the door switches from "Vacant" to "Occupied"
- Hide/Show autopilot "flip-down" panel under the glare shield I pinned to the tail hook.  Also use the "AP" button just above the glass horizon in the 3d cockpit. - A few objects are hooked to bouncers... A rose ...a coat hanger... and the towel hanging in the galley.I will continue to update this bird for future versions. I enjoy working on it and offering it up for others to enjoy!

By Matt Fuller.

Created 2019-11-13
Filename KingAirG1000_3D.zip
Size 50.25 MB
System X-Plane 11
Downloads 12

X-Plane 11.35 Bellanca Cruisair Senior 14-13 1.1. The Bellanca "Cruisair Senior" 14-13 is a four-seater six-cylinder Franklin flat-bottomed sightseeing aircraft of 150 hp manufactured by Bellanca from the year 1946. It has a top speed of 210 knots, making it for its category and its time a fast and comfortable plane. The model is fully functional, but I have not mastered the manipulators yet, so if you want to lock the tail wheel you will have to assign a command on your keyboard or your joystick, plus one for the controls of the landing lights, beacon etc. Comments and remarks are welcomed. By Stephane Toledo.

Created 2019-11-21
Filename bellanca_14-13_cruisair.zip
Size 49.94 MB
System X-Plane
Downloads 0

X-Plane 11 Swift Light PAS 1.0. This is a Belgian built "flying wing" I flew at Beauvechain EBBE some years ago. Unfortunately it is no longer produced in Belgium. It is a very light (85 kg empty weight) carbon fiber flying wing with a very light engine. Without the engine you can even start by running, as the "floor" opens. Use the engine to get some altitude then seek the cumulonimbus clouds and get a lift in the thermal bubbles after switching off the engine. It is a very amusing motorized glider with good glide ration. Use the large flaps and the spoilers to keep a correct speed and beware of ground effect when landing! I made it in X-Plane 9 and transported it to X-Plane 11. It seems to work. Any comments would be more than welcomed! By By Michel Verheughe.

Created 2019-11-28
Filename swiftlight.zip
Size 6 MB
System X-Plane
Downloads 0

X-Plane 11 Kitfox 3 1.0. The Denney Kitfox is a series of small side-by-side two-seat high-wing kit aircraft, designed and originally manufactured by Dan Denney and his company Denney Aerocraft of Boise, Idaho. The Kitfox Model 3 features structural changes that were designed to improve flight characteristics and provide a better platform for more powerful engines. This has been my real life aircraft since 2002. The engine is a 85 HP Jabiru 2200. My first attempt to bring it to X-Plane 11. Any comments would be more than welcomed! By Michel Verheughe.

Created 2019-11-28
Filename xp11_kitfox.zip
Size 7.53 MB
System X-Plane
Downloads 0
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