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X-Plane Propeller Animation Carenado C172SP G1000. This is a propeller animation for the Carenado C172SP G1000 and results in a propeller which is much closer to the real thing. It is not a complete repaint, just the side view. The propeller has a tapered shape and is now as big as it shows in the frontal view (no longer looks like a baby-propeller). Back-up your original file if present (handy in case you want to restore the default one), and simply replace the file in the main directory of the aircraft. By Leen de Jager.

Created 2019-08-23
Filename CARENA~1.ZIP
Size 652.28 KB
System X-Plane
Downloads 43

X-Plane 11 Comprehensive Checklist Laminar MD82 1.0. This is a checklist I made for Laminar's default McDonnell Douglas MD-82, an often overlooked but awesome feeware aircraft. In my opinion far more featured than the 738 and it also has it own quirks, especially with the autopilot, which you have to learn. This checklist started off as a fairly comprehensive one by an author that I haven't traced, but thanks to him or her for the base work. But it had no datarefs associated with the commands, so I added these wherever possible. I then started adding additional lines of my own and also compared the checklist against the one contained in the aircraft's 90 page POH. So, thanks to all those who contributed one or more lines from the various checklists I studied. This checklist takes you from cold and dark to overnight shutdown, and I hope it helps you enjoy this amazing freeware aircraft. By Robin Tannahill.

Created 2019-09-04
Filename clist.zip
Size 124.4 KB
System X-Plane
Downloads 94

X-Plane 11 Oban And Kerrera Tour. A microlight tour of Oban and the Isle of Kerrera for X-Plane 11 and Orbx TrueEarth North. Take a flight from the small airfield at Oban on the shore of The Firth of Lorne and take a trip around the Isle of Kerrera returning past the town of of Oban, ideal if you are planning to visit the area to get a lay of the land and things to see and do. All libraries included. By Neil Birch.

Created 2019-11-24
Filename oban-tour.zip
Size 48.71 MB
System X-Plane
Downloads 33

X-Plane 11 Glenfinnan Tour. A flight around some of the more secluded areas around Fort William including the famous Harry Potter bridge at Glenfinann excellently re-produced by Orbx. By Neil Birch.

Created 2020-02-17
Filename glenfinnan_tour.zip
Size 11.78 MB
System X-Plane 11
Downloads 52

Addit! Pro is a comprehensive add-on manager for Laminar Research's X-Plane 11. Easily install, manage and remove aircraft, liveries, scenery, libraries for scenery, plugins, flight plans, sounds, textures, videos and more! Automatically update and arrange X-Plane's scenery library (scenery_packs.ini). A powerful aircraft editor lets you tweak your fleet, assign pictures to planes and panels, and even hide aircraft. Rearrange scenery layers, set priorities, and manage entries with the scenery library editor. Full-featured add-on management lets you import, archive, recreate, and remove add-ons. Check an add-on's health to reveal configuration problems and missing files. See Readme.htm for details. Requires X-Plane 11 by Laminar Research. By Joseph Stearns.

Created 2020-03-05
Filename apxplv115.zip
Size 33.77 MB
System X-Plane 11
Downloads 94

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