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Update regarding my hand, So after visiting the hospital today ive been told I must wear a sling and a cast for two more weeks as my hand has not healed as quickly as expected after my operation. So as a result wizzsim will be updated slowly and as much as I can while my hand heals and I will again provide another update 2 weeks from today. Regards Matt.

Category: FSX - Missions
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FSX Dragoon Landings in Southern France. After Overlord the IX Troop Carrier Command send its aircraft to Italy. The southern France landing have been prepared since January 1944 but postponed due to the lack of aircraft. Finally it took place on 15th August 1944 and the Rugby Force could be delivered. 0030, 14th August, Marcigliana Airfield, the first Pathfinders took off. It's your turn to fly towards France. For each Troop Carrier Wing you have the provisional airfield, the .pln file and the flight route log. By B. Droyerre.

Created Saturday, 21 September 2019 00:05
Filename operationdragoon.zip
Size 811.36 KB
System FSX
Downloads 216

FSX RWT_V1-0 Update - Expert Missions. FSX Real World Training - Expert Missions Scenarios. Objectives: (New) Mission and Lesson Browser windows can be opened from the Expert Mission Briefing Center Overview Tab. Very useful to consult relevant charts and pictures during a mission. Provides Step-by-Step Scenarios or Storyboards for the Expert's Missions (Chap 20 thru Bonus Chap). Missions Scenarios are accessed through the Aircraft Kneeboard. Replaces a paper notebook. Good learning tool. Good reminders when going back and forth between missions. Help to focus on the task at hand, not forgetting any steps or details. Line highlighting is used as a visual aid. The scenarios describes "What to do" only. please refer to the book for the "Why" and "How". By Gilbert Laprise.

Created Monday, 31 August 2020 22:03
Filename fsx-rwt_upd_v1-4.zip
Size 44.41 MB
System FSX
Downloads 214

FSX Tour de France 2020. Finally! On 29 August 2020, Le Tour de France 2020, the world's greatest bicycle race, starts in Nice, France and ends 21 September 2020 on the Champs Élysées in Paris. The 21 VFR flight plans, for the default Cessna 172, follow the stages to a large extent. The transfers to the next starting point are shown in IFR flight plans for the Douglas DC-3. By Nis Verkijk.

Created Monday, 21 September 2020 21:06
Filename tdf2020.zip
Size 167.79 KB
System FSX
Downloads 89

FSX Mission--A Day At The Farm, v2. Requires Horizon VFR Sceneries 1 and 3 or Just Flight's 3 and 4; VFR Addons `AGent'; Rwy12 sceneries. This is an update of the original release with all new scenery. Some but not all of the scenery can be used in FS2004. Fancy a few exciting flights to get the most out of Just Flight's UK VFR scenery? Well here are some flights to discover some of the hard to find `Farm Strips' dotted around the country. This first version covers from Morecambe Bay down through the mountains of Wales. Ten flights in all with additional scenery, Can you handle these small strips? Can you find them? Do you want to find them? By Neil Birch.

Created Monday, 10 May 2021 23:54
Filename adotf.zip
Size 82.42 MB
System FSX
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FSX Mission--A Day On The Farm Sounds Update, for use with ADOTF.ZIP. To add even more realism to the farm strips scenery. the author has produced a few typical farmyard sounds. Farm strips will never be the same again! By Neil Birch.

Created Monday, 17 May 2021 21:41
Filename nfsu.zip
Size 65.25 MB
System FSX
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