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FSX EC-130V Hercules FSX EC-130V Hercules

FSX EC-130V Hercules. For the Captain Sim 'C-130 X-perience' "C-130 Expansion for MS FSX" EC-130V Hercules The EC-130V Multi-Mission Aircraft combined a C-130H airframe with the APS-125 Radar and Mission System of the US Navy Hawkeye. This aircraft was for counter-narcotics missions requiring greater endurance than the E-2 could provide, but was also evaluated for Search and Rescue, Fisheries Patrols, EEZ enforcement and as a support aircraft for NASA Space Shuttle launches. Externally the EC-130 differs from a standard Coast Guard C-130 with the fitting of a large rotodome housing the APS-125 radar. Internally the mission system is palletized and was rolled into the C-130 cargo bay to complete the conversion. The Lockheed Martin EC-130V Hercules AEW&C aircraft was first developed for the United States Coast Guard as a proof of concept aircraft by the General Dynamics company. In 1991 one USCG HC-130H7 (1721) was converted to the EC-130V AWACS air-surveillance version. The first flight was on 31 July 1991, and the aircraft was handed over to Coast Guard for 11-month test period on 16 October 1991. The Coast Guard conducted an extensive 5 day search for F/V ATLANTIS which began on October 30, 1992, after the owner of the vessel reported her overdue. The search covered approximately 98,000 square miles and involved 2 HU-25'S from Air Station Cape Cod, 2 P-3'S from NAS Brunswick, 1 C-130 from Air Station Elizabeth City, 1 EC-130V from Air Station Clearwater, 1 Suffolk ANG C-130, and USCGC TAMAROA. All searches resulted in negative sightings. The Lockheed HC-130 is an extended-range, search and rescue (SAR)/combat search and rescue (CSAR) version of the C-130 Hercules military transport aircraft, with two different versions operated by two separate services in the U.S. armed forces. The HC-130H Hercules and HC-130J Hercules versions are operated by the United States Coast Guard in a SAR and maritime reconnaissance role. The HC-130P Combat King and HC-130J Combat King II variants are operated by the United States Air Force for long-range SAR and CSAR. The USAF variants also execute on scene CSAR command and control, airdrop pararescue forces and equipment, and are also capable of providing aerial refueling to appropriately equipped USAF, US Army, USN, USMC, and NATO/Allied helicopters in flight. By David Robles.

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