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I had a vision, A vision to give a free dedicated flight sim download website for the community to enjoy using, unlike other websites wizzsim is maintained by myself without help. Due to ill health which affects my coordination wizzsim at times has not been updated after a long 3 month illness I am now back and will try my best to getting wizzsim back on track over the next few weeks and months. Get Ready for change.

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X-Plane 11.50+ MiG-23 MLD 1 X-Plane 11.50+ MiG-23 MLD 1.0.7

X-Plane 11.50+ MiG-23 MLD 1.0.7. MiG-23 is a variable geometry jet fighter aircraft, produced in the Soviet Union from 1974 until the mid 1980's. The variable sweep wing makes the MiG-23 fast, with a top speed of Mach 2.35, whilst the swing wings and a rugged undercarriage allow operation from short, unprepared airstrips. The aircraft presented here is the MiG-23MLD, the ultimate fighter development of the MiG-23. It utilises the powerful, reliable, and light Khatchaturov R-35-300 engine. This X-Plane model has the following features: 1) Accurate flight model - 130 knot approaches to Mach 2.35 at high altitude, with smooth wing sweep transitions. 2) Photo realistic 3d panel with HUD and custom instruments. 3) Fmod sounds with recordings from the actual aircraft, plus "nagging Nadia" voice warnings. 4) Weapons modelled, including working command guided Kh-23 air to surface missile, plus wing and fuselage drop tanks and Kh-23 cannon, all with custom sounds. 5) 17 liveries using a combination of 2k and 4k textures. 6) Animations including auxiliary and variable geometry intakes. 7) Custom Com radio, plus TACAN, transponder, sticky g meter and animated lower fin. 8) Flight manual with instructions on how to operate the systems. Please see the included documentation for further details. Version 1.0.7: Tweaked the internal lighting. By Dan Hopgood.

mig_23_mld_1_0_2-b1 mig_23_mld_1_0_2-b22 mig_23_mld_1_0_2-b33
mig_23_mld_1_0_2-b44 mig_23_mld_1_0_2-b55 mig_23_mld_1_0_2-b66
Created Friday, 22 April 2022 23:28
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