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Update regarding my hand, So after visiting the hospital today ive been told I must wear a sling and a cast for two more weeks as my hand has not healed as quickly as expected after my operation. So as a result wizzsim will be updated slowly and as much as I can while my hand heals and I will again provide another update 2 weeks from today. Regards Matt.

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FS98 Tristar RAF K1 Tanker Plus Re-Fuelling EF2000 Typ FS98 Tristar RAF K1 Tanker Plus Re-Fuelling EF2000 Typhoon

FS98 Tristar RAF K1 Tanker Plus Re-Fuelling EF2000 Typhoon. Marshall Aerospace converted nine L1011-500 TriStars as Air Tankers for the RAF, with a fuel capacity of 300,000 lbs. They were powered by two Rolls-Royce RB.211-524B high-bypass turbofan engines with 50,000 flb thrust each, giving a cruising speed of 483 knots, and were in service from 1986 to 2014. Model based on original 2/99 FFDS AFX by Eric Nabstedt, re-worked with 12-sided fuselage, engines and wheels, new wheeldoors, turbine, gear and flap animation, and rear under-fuselage refuelling hose housing. This release also features, appearing at 270 Kt, the refuelling hose and cone, as well as a re-fuelling Eurofighter Typhoon. High-quality textures by Udo Entenmann. By Stephan Scholz.

Created Sunday, 15 August 2021 19:46
Filename fs98_tristar_raf_k1_tanker_with_eurofighter.zip
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