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FS2004/FSX DHL opb. Smartlynx Malta Airbus A321-211(P2F) 9H FS2004/FSX DHL opb. Smartlynx Malta Airbus A321-211(P2F) 9H-CGB

FS2004/FSX DHL opb. Smartlynx Malta Airbus A321-211(P2F). This is a repaint of the Project Airbus A321-211, in DHL opb. Smartlynx Malta livery, registration 9H-CGB. Model included. The textures are saved in 32 bit format for quality graphics. Shine effect. Night textures by Adam Hamada. Contains accurate model with details such as opening passenger and cargo doors, animated pack inlets and outflow valves, all operable control surfaces, detailed flap tracks and slat rails, hydraulics modelled on spoilers, landing gear doors and many more. By Stefan Bree.

airbus_a321-211p2f_smartlynxcargo_9h-cgb1 airbus_a321-211p2f_smartlynxcargo_9h-cgb22 airbus_a321-211p2f_smartlynxcargo_9h-cgb33
airbus_a321-211p2f_smartlynxcargo_9h-cgb44 airbus_a321-211p2f_smartlynxcargo_9h-cgb55 airbus_a321-211p2f_smartlynxcargo_9h-cgb66
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