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How to upload a freeware file to wizzsim

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8 months 1 week ago #12 by 614cooker
How to upload a freeware file to wizzsim was created by 614cooker
How to Upload freeware to

Step 1 : Give your freeware a title e.g. FSX/FS2004 My Airbus Texture

Step 2 : Tell us which simulator it is for. Newest Simulator is recommended so if your freeware works on both P3D and FSX you would select Prepar3D same for older freeware e.g. FSX/FS2004 then FSX would be selected.

Step 3: Select a category.

Step 4: give your freeware a description. e.g. FSX/FS2004 My Airbus Texture. For the airbus freeware aircraft. texture by 614cooker

Step 5: upload your screenshots. Click on choose file then select your screenshot and click Open.

Final Step : upload your freeware. again click choose file then select your zip file and click open.

Now you can click save. once the screen changes to the previous page you visited before clicking the upload page it will bring up file upload completed successful.

Now depending on your file size and broadband upload speed this can take a while the faster your upload speed the faster it will complete, some people may experience a problem when the page changes and it brings up a some type of error saying something along the lines of unable to upload file due to unkown file size.

This error is not a error but is because your upload speed is not fast enough to upload the freeware before your browser times out. usually this happens with file sizes above 50mb in size for people with 1mb upload speeds. The size increases with higher upload speeds.
for example :
1mb upload speed =50mb - 60mb files to be uploaded
2mb upload speed = 100mb
4mb upload speed = 200mb
6mb upload speed = 300mb
7mb upload speed = 350mb
Anything above 8Mb upload speeds should allow the full 400mb file sizes to be uploaded to

I hope this clears everything up and hopefully you understand the guide. If not then please reply to the post and I will try and clear things up.

Kind regards

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