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How to Submit flight simulator related news to wizzsim

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2 months 2 weeks ago #13 by 614cooker

Step 1 : Go to the Flight Sim News and select Submit Article. This is the same for X-Plane News.

Step 2 : Choose a title. you can leave Alias blank as this is generated automatically when submitted.

step 3 : The news you would like to submit.

step 4 : Click the white box in the Captcha this is to stop automated bots from creating spam.

step 5 : Go back to the top of the page and click publishing.

step 6 : Choose the Category. You can leave the tags blank this will be automatically generated.

Step 7 : you can again leave this. now go to the save button and this will submit your news.

Once the news has been checked by a moderator it will be added to the front page news.


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