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X-Plane 11 Clutton-Tabenor FRED 1.0 X-Plane 11 Clutton-Tabenor FRED 1.0

X-Plane 11 Clutton-Tabenor FRED 1.0. This is Jacques Brault's original X-Plane 8/9 Clutton-Tabenor FRED (Flying Runabout Experimental Device), converted to X-Plane 11. With its little 44 hp engine it cruises at 62 knots at 2900 rpm. This ultralight is very basic both in design and in instrumentation but is also easy and fun to fly provided you are not planing a 1000 miles trip. Thanks to Dataroots for the custom sound files and to scooter for the original pilot figure. X-Plane 11 is configured by default for 3D cockpit view, so to use this aircraft you must choose to do one of two things: After loading the aircraft, select 'Option-w' on MacOS for 2D or 'Alt-w' on WinOS for the 2D instrument panel. Thank you to Jacques Brault for creating this aircraft for X-Plane. By Sean McLeod (Aerostarsim).

Created 2020-02-19
Filename fred_xp1105.zip
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Downloads 2
System X-Plane 11
Size 7.63 MB

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