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FS2004 Fokker F27 Mk 300M Troopship FS2004 Fokker F27 Mk 300M Troopship

FS2004 Fokker F27 Mk 300M Troopship. New complete Fokker F27 Troopship package containing four Royal Netherlands Air Force very detailed external liveries, a new flight deck, new performance and a heavily modified model detailing the F27 Troopship as it operated with the Royal Netherlands Airforce (RNLAF). The original model design was by Mike Stone. Later changes were introduced by Tom Gibson and Jaap de Baare whereby Jaap de Baare introduced the changes that present the F27 MK 300M Troopship model with fully operational rear sliding doors. Exterior paint schemes by Hans Janssens and Emile Lancee and the new cockpit design by Emile Lancee. The cockpit design is optimized for a single panoramic display. For those people using a triple display setup to present the full flightdeck there is a special package included to cope with that. This hopefully compensates for the absence of a virtual cockpit. By Emile Lancee.

Created 2020-01-09
Filename fokker_f27_mk300m_rnlaf_fs9.zip
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Downloads 70
System FS2004
Size 78.68 MB

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