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FS98 Mohawk Airlines BAC 1-11-204AE FS98 Mohawk Airlines BAC 1-11-204AE

FS98 Mohawk Airlines BAC 1-11-204AE. Updated with moving landing gear and spoilers. Mohawk Airlines had a wide fleet ranging from the Convair 440 to the Bac 1-11. Based in New York, they flew routes in both Canada and the United States. They were one of the first airlines to own the BAC 1-11. Original design by Rob Bennis. Textures by David Cougar. Includes twin jet panel with GPS, DME/ADF, moving weather radar, and position homing gauge (original panel by E.M. Zapp - based on bitmap by Christian Connesa). Gauges by Chuck Dome, Glenn Copeland, Brian Kostick, Paul Schwerdtfeger, Dai Griffths (Dragonflight), Andreas Jaros (FPDA), Christian Koegler, R.L. Clark, Alex Yanes, HGHB, Jerry Beckwith, Jay Crawford, Mike Weerasinghe and Scott McMillian. Turbojet sound pack by Alphasim. Flight music included. Upgrade, panel build and package assembly by Derek 'Deke' Wakefield of Indianola Flightcraft.

Created 2020-02-10
Filename bac111ma.zip
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Downloads 48
System FS98
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