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FSX/P3D Malaysian Airline System 737-2H6 circa 1980 FSX/P3D Malaysian Airline System 737-2H6 circa 1980

FSX/P3D Malaysian Airline System 737-2H6 circa 1980. This is a repaint of the Boeing 737-2H6 in Malaysian Airline System colors in 1980. The freeware Tinmouse B737-200 is needed for this repaint. Malaysian Airline System was formed to succeed Malaysia-Singapore Airlines and began operations on October 1 1972. While the jetliners were taken over by the new Singapore Airlines, after the split, MAS was left with the smaller propeller equipment and a domestic Malaysian network. The MAS management team quickly built up a jet fleet of 707s, 737s, together with an international network. The airline was renamed Malaysia Airlines on October 15 1987, and is one of Asia's largest and well known airlines. MAS had a fairly large 737-200 fleet. The 737-200 was the airline's main regional transport. The This repaint was tested on P3D v3. It should work on FSX and FSX-SE. By Ted Giana.

Created 2020-02-13
Filename fxs_p3d_malaysian_airline_system_737-200.zip
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System Prepar3D
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