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welcome to - I am currently working on a new template for the website. As you can see it is not finished but I have opened the website back up so everyone can still use the download section while I work on it. I hope everyone likes what they see and hopefully it will be finished soon.

Regards Matt.

This all-new and highly detailed simulation of the A300B4 wide-body airliner is being developed by Just Flight's in-house team following comprehensive, hands-on research with a real-life aircraft, F-WUAB, which is now preserved at the aviation museum at Toulouse airport, the home of Airbus.

When it first flew in 1972, the A300 was the first twin-engine wide-body airliner, as well as the first aircraft from the newly formed Airbus consortium. Development work began in the 1960s and the first variant, the A300B1, entered service in 1974. The longer range B4 first flew in 1974 before entering service the following year. It became the first aircraft to achieve ETOPS compliance and was later developed into the A300-600 and A310 before production ended in 2007.

The A300B4 will take advantage of the latest technologies such as PBR materials and TFDi RealLight and TrueGlass to produce stunning visual fidelity. Realistic animations will include dynamic wing-flex, ground equipment and all passenger, service and cargo doors.

In the cockpit, the Captain, Co-Pilot and Flight Engineer positions are modelled with nearly all switches, knobs and levers animated and functional. The aircraft will feature custom-coded autopilot, hydraulic, electrical, engine bleed, fuel and pressurisation systems. Wear and tear based on extensive reference photos and custom sounds will produce an authentic cockpit environment, with highly realistic flight dynamics completing the immersive experience.

WANT TO KNOW MORE VISIT : Just Flight - A300B4-200

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Scenery developer CentralSim has previewed some WIP screen shots of Aguadilla International Airport (also known as Rafael Hernandez Airport) for P3D v4. Rafael Hernandez Airport is a joint civil-military airport located in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. It is named after the Puerto Rican composer Rafael Hernandez Marín. It is Puerto Rico's second largest international airport in terms of passenger movement.


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737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack V2 is developed in a unique way that should provide the most realistic and immersive sound experience. All sounds are carefully processed and mixed to mimic the exact frequencies of the CFM56-7B engine as heard on the real 737NG flightdeck. Also, we received an extensive feedback from real 737NG airline pilots regarding important sound details. Every build of the soundpack is reviewed by the pilots and approved in the final stages of the development.

We highly recommend using this soundpack in correlation with our NGX Cockpit Sound Immersion soundpack developed exclusively for PMDG 737NGX.

All sounds included in this product are recorded in the real airplane. This product will be regularly updated in the future if necessary. ProSim compatibility is planned for next major update.


  • Authentic CFM56-7B high definition sounds, as heard on the real flightdeck.
  • Realistic gear retraction and extension sounds
  • High quality groundroll sound
  • Main gear touchdown sound
  • Wind noise
  • Open/close door sounds
  • External engine sounds with full sound cones
  • Surround sound systems fully supported
  • Optimized sounds for Buttkicker and other bass-shakers
  • Optional engine sounds withous bass included
  • Optional quieter engine buzz

Other Features For Non-PMDG 737NGX/NGXu Add-Ons

  • Authentic cockpit ambience
  • Main gear/nose wheel touchdown sounds
  • Flap lever sound
  • Autopilot off warning
  • Fuel pump
  • Gear up warning
  • Glideslope warning
  • No Smoking & Seatbelts sign bell
  • Stickshaker stall warning sound
  • Overspeed warning


NOTE: This soundpack is fully compatible with PMDG 737NGX, NGXu, iFly 737NG and freeware 737NG add-ons.



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For single engine piston and twin engine aircraft. At the moment SEP Tecnam P2010 and MEP Tecnam P2006 are developed and thoroughly tested. More models to come. Buyers will be provided with updates and new aircraft models free of charge.

G1000 NXi Software for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v.4.2 and newer.

Our software designed to be used in professional simulators as well as for aviation enthusiasts.

Navigation update - you can use Navigraph data base. Up-to-date navaids and procedures (SIDs, STARs, approaches) are implemented with fsAerodata Navigational Data. In order to have it operational you shall have both fsAerodata and Navigraph subscriptions.


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On Wednesday, we are planning to push an update to the PMDG 737NGXu Base Package and simultaneously we anticipate releasing the first expansion package for the PMDG 737NGXu product line. This expansion package will include the 737-600 and 700 series airplanes as well as dozens of liveries available to you freely via the PMDG Operations Center 2.0.

With the entry into the new year, we are starting to realize the benefits of a few years of work that have been going on in the background. This work is designed to simplify the processes we use to track issues, implement fixes and push them to you. Software as complex as an airliner simulation is never really *finished* per se and about four years ago we started evaluating ways that we could move updates to you more quickly. Now that the machinery and software to drive those processes is completely in place, we are starting to adapt the business processes in order to add regularity to the release of updates.

During the course of 2020, you will notice far more frequent updates and the establishment of some "norms" that keep all of our actively-in-development products on a continual improvement program, rather than just an occasional update program.

It will take just about all of 2020 to normalize the developer behavior to support this, but I think the outcome is worth doing, especially as we get into releasing products for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Our goal is to target Wednesdays as our scheduled update-push day. Once PMDG Global Flight Operations is fully operational, we anticipate you seeing some kind of product update weekly, whether it be for Global Flight Operations or one of our airliner simulations.

Operations Center 2.0 Global Rollout

On Wednesday we are planning to roll out the PMDG Operations Center 2.0 globally. Anyone who has purchased the PMDG 737NGXu product line already has OC2, but for those of you who have not yet purchased NGXu the rollout of OC2 will come to you via the normal Operations Center 1.0 update process.

Please note because this is important: In preparation for this changeover, please open the Operations Center 1.0 and uninstall all of the liveries that you installed from PMDG. (If you downloaded a livery from someplace else and installed it, you can just leave it... This uninstall order only applies to liveries you download directly from PMDG via the OC1.0)

Explanation: The Operations Center (both 1.0 and 2.0) tracks liveries based upon the livery's "title=" line in the aircraft.cfg. In preparation for the release of PMDG Global Flight Operations, we have changed the naming convention for all PMDG liveries (for reasons that will become more obvious when we release Global Flight Operations for your use!) This means that liveries you have installed via the original Operations Center may have a slight change of name when installed via Operations Center 2.0.

If you were to leave all of your PMDG-downloaded liveries in the OC1.0 and upgrade to OC2.0, they will continue to operate normally within the sim, but OC2.0 will not correctly indicate which liveries you have installed and which you do not have installed since OC2 won't recognize the "old OC1" names.

Confused? Don't worry. Even if you completely mess up, all of it can be fixed by manually uninstalling and reinstalling liveries once you get to OC2. You won't do any permanent damage to yourself.

Navdata/Flight-Director/New LNAV Update

I don't often give you updates on this topic, mostly because the progress is slower than poop moving through a turtle on a low fiber diet, but we continue to make progress here. The developer on the team who was designated to do the foundational work on this major centerpiece of our strategic product update process was our dear friend Michael who passed away unexpectedly during the summer. Due to workload on NGXu, it wasn't until later in the year that we were able to regain traction on this with a couple of other developers filling in the role.

The good news is that we are currently testing internally a version of NGXu that uses the new database format from Navigraph to replace all of the existing functionality that we get from the mashup of text files that Navigraph have produced for PMDG products since 2002. The next step is to expand beyond the existing functions and to start reading in all of the various procedural elements that didn't exist/weren't normally used twenty years ago, such as arc-to legs and the various elements of RNP procedures and advanced departure/arrival procedures. Once we have that step completed, we will use all of the new data to begin a complete rebuild of the processes that generate the magenta line/lateral flight path track... and then we are in the home stretch for a strategic upgrade that I have been pushing us to make for more than a decade.

Work continues. I will not make any estimates as to when you will see the results, but this will get pushed into all of the fleet types once we have it ready.

Everything Else

Currently we are working simultaneously on NGXu updates, an additional NGXu expansion pack (BBJs) and collecting data on the cargo variants. (If anyone works with them give us a shout... we have some questions we are having a hard time finding answers for!)

We are prepping an update for the 747 product line for Prepar3D v4 users and I am hoping to hand that to testers in the week ahead. Additionally we are looking for a testing slot for an update to 777 for Prepar3D v4 users, so that shouldn't follow too far behind.

Robert S. Randazzo
PMDG Simulations

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