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As you know Wizzsim has not been updated for a while.


Basically I am getting married which has caused a great deal of stress for both myself and my partner, lets just put it this way it can only happen to us everything that can go wrong has and when I mean everything I mean our wedding planner, our cake maker, the venue, our DJ have all let us down, half the guest's cant come even though we gave a year in advanced notice. We now have just over a month too fix and sort out our wedding from complete disaster. 


Getting Married is stressful enough but when everything goes wrong so near to the wedding the stress is almost unbearable


Wizzsim will be updated in due cause but I wanted to explain why and now you know.

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MSFS Hangar9 Boeing 787-XE MSFS Hangar9 Boeing 787-XE Mod

MSFS Boeing 787-XE Mod. We have just started working on a mod for the Boeing 787-10. There is a lot of effort going into this mod. We are currently working on implementing all MFS Pages and improving the FMC. There is a lot more to come. We can't wait to improve the 787-10. By Hangar9.

Created Saturday, 19 September 2020 21:17
(5 votes)
Downloads 568

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  • NextGen Simulations Previews Embraer EMB 110 MSFS

    NextGen Simulations have previewed some images of their soon to be released Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante for Microsoft Flight Simulator: Hello everybody! Hope you're having a nice week! We'll use this post to: Bring you the official list of livieries to be included in the base package of the Bandeirante for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Enjoy the following set of screen shots, taken directly from MSFS, which are also the thumbnails in the GUI when you select the aircraft. Bring you some details in regards to the release: Release is scheduled for between Friday, March 26th and Sunday, March 28th. The repaint kit is being prepared right now. It will not be available on release day yet, but we promise to get it ready as soon as possible. Initially, it will be released to stores. We are preparing everything to get it ready for publishing to MSFS's Marketplace too. We will confirm you when it is released there too. More previews to come! Stay tuned! Thank you very much for your continued support! See you in the skies! The Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante is a Brazilian general purpose 15-21 passenger twin-turboprop light transport aircraft designed by Embraer for military and civil use. Deliveries started to the Brazilian Air Force in February 1973. The passenger model first flew on 9 August 1972 and entered commercial service on 16 April 1973 with the now defunct Brazilian airline company Transbrasil.A In October 2018, 50 years after its first flight and 498 deliveries, about 150 were still operating at airlines, air taxis, government entities, and air forces around the world. Source
  • VSKYLABS Is Preparing For X-Plane 12

    Hello VSKYLABS pilots! As announced...VSKYLABS is working night and day, preparing the fleet for upcoming X-Plane 12 by X-Plane by Laminar Research. Preparations are not only for "adding compatibility" ...but in practice, all the existing VSKYLABS projects versions are being developed to their respective NEXT VERSIONS! ...Exciting isn't it? That means that the NEXT VERSION of each project will also include all relevant XP12 new features. Some of the projects were practically deeply overhauled under-the-hood! All new projects versions for upcoming X-Plane 12 will be pushed to the respective existing customers as a FREE UPDATE! So it is just the perfect time to utilize the 'LEVEL-UP' sale for "tasting" the projects in X-Plane 11, and at the same time to ensure that the free update for X-Plane 12 will be available, once ready. Source
  • Gaya Simulations Previews Zurich Airport Jetways

    Gaya Simulations have shown off some WIP images of the jetways for their upcoming scenery of Zurich Airport (LSZH): LSZH Zurich - The jetways! Our talent art department just done creating the jetways for Zurich. Jetways are what we call "1st line objects", those objects you pilots seeing from 0 distance. Those objects will always be very details, top notch quality and have major impact over the user immersion. Source
  • MSFS World Update 10 Released

    The next World Update for MSFS has been released. The new free optional content pack goes back to the USA for another pass at improving the world, adding new cities and additional airports. Microsoft said they wanted to go back to the USA since they have even more refined and high-resolution data that makes the US look even more realistic. The team has acquired all new elevation modelling, and high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery that brings the US to life. The new World Update also features triangulated irregular network (TIN) modeling of 12 urban regions including San Diego (California), Albany (New York), Key Largo (Florida), Seattle (Washington), Eugene (Oregon), and more. As has been the case for the past World Updates, Gaya Simulations has provided an additional four handcrafted airports for the world update. These airports are Catalina Airport (KAVX), Alaska’s Valdez Airport (PAVD), Lake Tahoe Airport (KTVL), and Block Island State Airport (KBID). There are also 87 new points of interest, three landing challenges, three discovery flights and three additional bush trips. You can download World Update X: USA from the in-sim Marketplace free of charge. You will need to be on the latest version of the simulator in order to use the content. Source
  • Carenado Skymaster C337 Almost Ready MSFS

    After the SU7, it has been hard days, we are finishing many corrections and details, our team are very excited...we are close to the launch of the Skymaster C337! Thanks for the support and patience. Source The Cessna Skymaster is an American twin-engine civil utility aircraft built in a push-pull configuration. Its engines are mounted in the nose and rear of its pod-style fuselage. Twin booms extend aft of the wings to the vertical stabilizers, with the rear engine between them. Cessna built 2993 Skymasters of all variants, including 513 military O-2 versions.
  • Fix Reported For FlyByWire A32NX For MSFS

    PC Users: While investigating crash reports, we've identified some issues in the FBW A32NX package Version 0.6.1, 0.6.2, and Development Versions downloaded before August 6, 2021 which may trigger a crash performing various interactions within the sim. FBW has addressed this issue in Version 0.6.3 and the latest Dev Version. To ensure you have taken all appropriate steps: Check to see if you have downloaded FBW A32NX from the In-game Marketplace (Profile > Content Manager). Search for the aircraft "A32NX" and delete. Go to your Community Folder and delete the package. Download the latest Version 0.6.3 or Dev Version here Source
  • Aerosoft Mega Airport Brussels Int'l Preview for MSFS

    Preview of the upcoming DLC Aerosoft Mega Airport Brussels International for Microsoft Flight Simulator: Brussels Airport is an international airport 6.5 NM northeast of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. In 2019, more than 26 million passengers arrived or departed at Brussels Airport, making it the 24th busiest airport in Europe. It is located in the municipality of Zaventem in the Province of Flemish Brabant in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It is home to around 260 companies, together directly employing 20,000 people and serves as the home base for Brussels Airlines and TUI fly Belgium. Source
  • Jeli Studios - Free Prague Airport For X-Plane

    Here's something to bring a smile to the faces of X-Plane users, a free version of Vaclav Havel Airport Prague, courtesy of Jeli Studios and XHT Labs: We are delighted to announce our partnership on freeware Vaclav Havel Airport Prague (LKPR) with XHT Labs! The scenery will be available for X-Plane 11. Features Extremely accurate buildings within the airport area PBR textures SAM jetways and marshallers SAM docking system Custom detailed mesh Custom 3D Grass and 3D Trees Up-to-date ground layout Orthophoto for airport area Detailed ground textures with decals Precise night lighting Custom animations Ground Traffic Vaclav Havel Airport Prague, formerly Prague Ruzyna International Airport, is the international airport of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The airport was founded in 1937, when it replaced the Kbely Airport. It was reconstructed and extended in 1956, 1968, 1997, and 2006. Source
  • IndiaFoxtEcho Reports Progress On F-35 Lightning II

    We know there is a lot of expectation on our F-35 project, and we are trying our best to deliver a decent rendition of this awesome aircraft - we are humbled by your enthusiasm and support and we really hope that, even with all the limitations of MSFS for modern military aircraft, this Lightning II rendition will not disappoint (too much). We have some good news and bad news. Let's start with the bad news: the development has suffered some delays this week for a number of reasons and unfortunately Sim Update 7 quirks did not help. In particular, the Dev Mode of Sim Update 7 seems to have some serious bugs which make the process way more cumbersome (for one, each time you make a modification and rebuild the F-35 package you are forced to wait 4-5 minutes minimum - previously it was 10-20 seconds tops). The good news is that, while not ready for release, we finally have a decent BETA build which is ready for a test on a larger user base. If you think you can help with the F-35 Beta, please see this post on our blog on how to apply for a test slot: Apply Here Source
  • FS2Crew Reports Plans For PMDG 737 and Maddog

    have about 20 minutes left before the 737 downloads... praying it doesn't time out... so for those of you who have it running, what are your thoughts? Oh, and yes, we're hard at work too. We're going to try something very experimental and new in the 737... and the Maddog...But the Maddog will be coming first. We need the SDK from PMDG first before we can legally interface with their plane. Source
  • DCS Adds New Landable Ship

    As well as the substantial push to complete the Hornet's new features, we would like to mention a notable addition: Handy Wind Bulk Carrier A new civilian ship equipped with a functioning helipad for: DCS: UH-1H Huey DCS: SA342 Gazelle DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark 2 F-5E Tiger II The headwind and tailwind anomalies have now been fixed. Mission Editor AI escort aircraft not engaging targets correctly issues have been resolved DCS World We have added more realistic cockpit sounds when using weapons. The F-10 Ruler in VR and multi monitor mode has now been fixed. The SA-2 Guidance has received a necessary accuracy improvement. Also, user created ground units now shows in white in F10 view. You can expect these minor fixes and many more additions to be included in the next Open Beta 2.5.6 update planned for next week. We are incredibly optimistic about where we're heading, and we believe that the opportunities for developers and the creative community are endless, as are all the positive and meaningful benefits to our customers. Source
  • LHSimulations Releases Budapest Airport MSFS

    Finally the day has come! We are extremely happy to tell you that LHBP Budapest Airport has been released for MSFS! You can find it in the official built-in Marketplace of MSFS! We would like to thank you all your awesome support and patience during this incredible journey! Without you this would not be possible. Thank you! We think we could create an even more beautiful scenery. Not only the resolution of textures has been increased (old objects have now 2048x2048 textures instead of 1024x1024) but all objects have now PBR materials. The recent changes at the airport has been incorporated to the scenery. New apron, new taxiways, new parkings and new gates. There are a bunch of new buildings like the new PIER and the BudCargo complex. The aeropark museum has been relocated as well. But we do not stop here. We are working hard on further improvements. In the upcoming patches we will make further optimizations, new objects, new buildings and new functions. Prepar3D users will not be forgotten. We are planning to release scenery for Prepare3D v4 and v5. Timeline is unknown yet but we will keep you posted. Source
  • DCS Previews F/A-18C Radar Modes

    DCS: F/A-18C Hornet new radar modes: In the next big update for the Hornet, we will add two, new radar modes: Wide Auto-Acquisition (WACQ) and SPOT. The WACQ mode has both a fixed 6-bar, 30-degrees (60-degrees total) of azimuth at 10 nm range and an uncaged mode that allows the TDC to slew the space-stabilized scan center. SPOT mode enables you to designate a location within the tactical area of the air-to-air radar display and depress and hold the TDC to initiate a 22-degree search centered on the TDC location.   Source
  • FranceVFR Releases VFR Airport France Pack #1 MSFS

    Airport France Pack #1 is a bundle add-on for Microsoft® Flight Simulator® including five detailed commercial French airports in one package: LFBD - Bordeaux Merignac LFLC - Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne LFRB - Brest Bretagne LFST - Strasbourg Entzheim LFMT - Montpellier Mediterranee The Airports France range for Microsoft® Flight Simulator® has been designed to offer once completed about 30 of the most famous and/or frequented French commercial airports. Our goal for all the products in this range is above all to offer mixed IFR/VFR platforms offering the best possible compromise between homogeneity, visual rendering and search for realism while offering very attractive prices through "bundles" grouping several airports in one package. Technical Specifications Ground textures 0.5m/pixel resolution reworked aerial images from IGN for Bordeaux, Brest and Clermont-Ferrand airports. High resolution ground textures and detailed markings on each platform. Photo-realistic 3D buildings specific to each platform. Vegetation reworked on each platform and its surroundings. Realistic night lighting reworked on each platform. Runways profiles (slopes) reworked on each platform. Animated jetways. Compatible with our VFR FRANCE product range. Geo-referenced data for maximum compatibility with future add-ons installed on the same area. Development process 100% SDK (System Development Kit) specifications compliant, ensuring maximum compatibility with new releases. SIA - VAC - IAC - APT - ARRDEP charts provided. More information and screen shots on France VFR web site. Source
  • France VFR Releases Paris VFR Airports MSFS

    Paris VFR Airports MSFS is a pack containing 23 detailed airports and airfields all over the Paris Ile-de-France region. Each platform has been modelized as close as possible to reality including photo-realistic buildings, extremely detailed textures and ground markings, entire fleets of static flying club airplanes as well as reworked vegetation placed with the greatest precision. 23 detailed airports and airfields all over the Paris Ile-de-France region. Specific photo-realistic 3D buildings. Detailed ground markings. Realistic static flying club airplanes on all the platforms. Numerous animations and details. Vegetation reworked on the platform and its surroundings. Realistic night lighting. Photo-realistic areas reworked for 6 platforms (LFPN, LFPL, LFPZ, LFPK, LFPV, LFPY). Compatible with our VFR FRANCE product range. Geo-referenced data for maximum compatibility with future add-ons installed on the same area. Development process 100% SDK (System Developement Kit) specifications compliant, ensuring maximum compatibility with new releases. SIA - VAC - IAC - APT - ARRDEP charts provided. Source