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As you know Wizzsim has not been updated for a while.


Basically I am getting married which has caused a great deal of stress for both myself and my partner, lets just put it this way it can only happen to us everything that can go wrong has and when I mean everything I mean our wedding planner, our cake maker, the venue, our DJ have all let us down, half the guest's cant come even though we gave a year in advanced notice. We now have just over a month too fix and sort out our wedding from complete disaster. 


Getting Married is stressful enough but when everything goes wrong so near to the wedding the stress is almost unbearable


Wizzsim will be updated in due cause but I wanted to explain why and now you know.

Download details

MSFS Scenery - Düsseldorf Stadt- MSFS Scenery - Düsseldorf Stadt- City

Hallo zusammen, das ist eine 7zip Datei die Düsseldorf im MSFS 2020 Gebäude wie den Fernsehturm und den Medienhafen und mehr mehr! Die Datei mit 7zip entpacken und in Eurem Community Ordner einfügen, wo ihr auch die anderen Scenery Ordner entpackt! Dann MSFS 2020 Starten und Düsseldorf Genießen !! Viel Spaß: Tommy 1711

Translated With Google Translate:

Hello everyone, this is a 7zip file from Düsseldorf in the MSFS 2020 building such as the TV tower and the media harbor and 
more! Unzip the file with 7zip and paste it into your community folder, where you also unzip the other scenery folders!
Then start MSFS 2020 and enjoy Düsseldorf !! Have fun: Tommy 1711
Created Tuesday, 22 September 2020 13:45
Filename Düsseldorf -
(4 votes)
Downloads 272
System MSFS
Size 132.11 MB

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  • PMDG 737 May Be Ready By This Weekend

    Since my last update, we have narrowed the list of blockers preventing release of the 737 from four down to two. One of those blockers is this obscenity that appears now and then when landing Flaps 40. On that topic, the good news is that we managed to capture it on one of our development rigs and we were able to pull a significant amount of data from the event which we fed to Asobo to see their input. The investigation is ongoing, and I am not going to give any information on what we saw, what we think, or what the fix might entail- as at this juncture we simply don't know enough about what we have found to really say with clarity "it is caused by X." What we do know is that it happens in one specific mode of operation, but we don't yet know why or how to prevent it. The good news is that we have every system at PMDG poised for the release. The moment are certain that we have a fix in hand, we will be in a position to make the airplane available for your use. My hope is to have you off on 737 adventures in time for next weekend- but this will depend entirely upon the results of our own efforts in the next few days.     Source
  • Sopwith Triplane Released for Flying Circus - Vol. II

    This week we released Version 4.704 for the IL-2 Great Battles series and with it came the release of the long awaited Sopwith Triplane for Flying Circus - Vol. II. The "Tripe" as it was famously called, has three beautiful wings! Each wing has its own ailerons making it quite maneuverable in battle with enough armament to allow its pilots to be confident in a dogfight with any adversary of the era. The Sopwith Triplane which is the final aircraft planned for Flying Circus - Vol. II and that brings the plane-set for FC2 to a total of ten. When combined with FC1 there are twenty aircraft available for WWI pilots in Great Battles! We will continue to make aircraft for Flying Circus and we remind you that we have the Sopwith Snipe and Siemens-Schuckert D.IV Collector Planes also in development for FC. And the new Western Front map for FC2 is in heavy development in partnership with Ugra Media. We hope you enjoy the Sopwith Triplane!
  • New X-Plane 12 Photometric Lighting Demonstrated

    selection of images showing off the new photometric lighting technology found in the default 737, and as you can see, the effects are quite noticeable. The ambient lighting effects are even present in the passenger cabin, and for those long-haul flights where boredom often sets in, there is the friendly face of Austin Meyer to keep you company. Stay tuned for more X-Plane 12 news. Source
  • Historic Airlines Group Expands TWA 727 Flights

    The Historic Airline Group has just revised our TWA 727 portfolio. With improved historic accuracy and using a 1968 timetable, we have increased available flights from 52 to 190. We selected 1968 for it was the first year the 727-200 joined the 727-100 fleet. For the best in classic airlines, come visit the Historic Airline Group.
  • MSFS February 11th, 2021 – Dev Update

    World Update 3 is in its final polish phase and is now locked in for release on Tuesday, February 16th. The team is putting the finishing touches on all aspects of this massive update, and we appreciate your continued patience. Feedback Snapshot SDK Update DevMode: Fixed some warning formatting in the Aircraft Editor. Removed the option to change Landmark display name (as it was causing issue at the packaging stage). Completed transition to new help building system. Source
  • CR1 Software Announces Ford Trimotor

    CR1 Software has announced that they are working on the famous Ford Trimotor, with versions for MSFS 2020, P3D v4 and v5. The models are 100% complete rebuilds, both sets will have 4AT and 5AT variants as well as military float versions and cargo and airline versions. Release is expected by early September. Air model was built for both sims using the NASA aerodynamic system that we want to use on all of our models as it translates real world data to both sims quite nicely. Also the crew and passengers will be as real looking as real humans and on later patches of the Ford will interact with the player/operator. This feature won't come within the initial release as they have to write the AI code for that to work in the two sims. But for all buyers it will come as a patch at a later date using a real software updating system. The outer skin on this add-on is fully modeled corrugated and NOT textured. Ultimate detail is all Cr1 will ever accept. After the Ford release the Zero will follow very close behind. To our loyal supporters: Hang in there with us, our supporters in the flight sim world. The projects are maturing quickly now that we have our templates built for both sims and soon the pipeline in our development process with flow at twice the speed we have been at until now. We really appreciate the support of all of you over the 22 years with both Simtech Flight Design and now Cr1-Software Ltd. With out our loyal supporters this growth and level of development would not be possible. Keep a close eye on the CR1 YouTube channel and the news section of our web site for updates on this development and future developments that ate already underway.
  • Aerosoft Previews Brussels Airport For MSFS

    Aerosoft offers some new screen shots of their upcoming Airport Brussels for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Right now, the majority of the work is to finish up the various service buildings scattered around the airport. Soon MSFS 2020 pilots will have this new destination serving the capital of Belgium. Brussels Airport is an international airport 6.5 NM northeast of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. In 2019, more than 26 million passengers arrived or departed at Brussels Airport, making it the 24th busiest airport in Europe. It is home to around 260 companies, together directly employing 20,000 people and serves as the home base for Brussels Airlines and TUI fly Belgium. Source  
  • Frank Dainese Announces Val d'Aosta For X-Plane 11

    Scenery developer Frank Dainese, has shown off a selection of images of his latest X-Plane 11 creation, Val d'Aosta + Matterhorn Park v.2. This will include all valleys, as well as their associated mountains: M.Rosa, Cervino, Grand Combin, Gran Paradiso, and Grivola. If this wasn't enough, Frank has also recreated all the villages, plus the entire city of Aosta, along with its monuments and airport (LIMW). The scenery will be compatible with his M.Blanc package, which completes the experience, as well as his Matterhorn Park scenery. The scenery will cover 3500 sq. km and be updated for X-Plane 12 when released. Source
  • Orbx Announces Sogndal Haukasen Airport MSFS

    Our next airport comes from Andreas Hegi and is located in Norway. Providing you with some challenging approaches, ENSG Sogndal Haukasen Airport is a perfect addition as you explore the Nordic Update in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport offers stunning visual and instrument approaches and will test your skills in bad weather. The not so common PLASI (Pulse Light Approach Indicator) is used for visual guidance and with the runway perched atop a plateau, the margin for error is very low. Originally developed for the ESP platform, Andreas has reworked the airport from scratch with introduced 4K HD textures and PBR. Its 1180 meter runway is serviced by Wideroe Dash 8's and is the sole airport serving the district of Sogn in a picturesque fjord landscape location. Andreas has added other details such as custom ortho for the airport area, conditional display of people models according to time/weather, and added tower/ATIS frequencies. Source
  • Rotate MD-11 Releases Tomorrow For X-Plane

    Nearly five years after it was originally announced, the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 from Rotate is scheduled for release tomorrow for X-Plane 11. As originally announced, this is intended to be a "study level" aircraft, available in both passenger and cargo versions.
  • Just Flight Preview Images Of Palma De Mallorca For MSFS

    SU5 unfortunately put paid to any plans of releasing Palma De Mallorca Airport for MSFS early this month. We're now waiting on various fixes to help us get this over the line. In terms of everything else it's all but done now. Here's a brand new set of shots and follow the link below to the latest and what we hope will be the final Development Update for the airport. We hope to have this ready for release later this month. Palma de Mallorca Airport is an international airport located 8 km east of Palma, Mallorca, Spain, adjacent to the village of Can Pastilla. The airport on the Balearic Islands is Spain's third largest airport after Madrid-Barajas and Barcelona-El Prat. Palma de Mallorca was used by 29.7 million passengers in 2019. Source
  • Just Flight Progress Update on Concorde for MSFS

    Now part of the In Development section of our web site is the DC Designs Concorde for MSFS. It's not a million miles from completion, looking at first part of 2022 for a release but between then and now we'll aim to add a number of In Development Updates to the product page to help you keep check on progress. Here are some initial WIP shots from the first Dev Update and on the product page you'll be able to read all of the product specs and even at this early stage you can sign up for email notification on release by using the 'Email me when available' button then scroll down to the initial Development update. Source
  • Orbx Releases ENTO Sandefjord For MSFS

    Torp Airport is a major Norwegian airport, located on the west side of the Oslofjord. It is linked with Oslo Gardermoen airport, serving mostly low-cost and charter carriers flying to destinations across Europe. Regular visitors include Wizzair, KLM, Ryanair and Widerøe. On site is also the European Helicopter Center: Educating future helicopter pilots, Pilot Flight Academy for fixed wing education, as well as Widerøe and others' maintenance hangars. Way up in the northern corner of the airport lies the local flying club - Sandefjord flyklubb.   Whether you prefer flying low-cost airlines to London, Krakow or Riga, GA flights to nearby Notodden, Sogndal and the Norwegian Fjords, or visiting other nearby Orbx destinations such as Kristiansand, Ålesund or Malmø - this airport is your new base of operations! Features Ultra-detailed depiction of Sandefjord Torp Airport, Norway Made from the ground up for MSFS using PBR and 4K textures Interior modelling and passengers Custom PR included Unique GSE vehicles, as well as GA statics Custom cars on carparks Unique terraforming and mountainside modelling Carefully optimized for high performance using the latest techniques Initially for MSFS - P3D coming soon! Source
  • Air Hauler 2 For X-Plane Updated to v3.0.0.8

    Changelog v3.0.0.8 Reselect last job after accepting (then you can do "fly now") Airport storage capacity limit expanded by factor of 10 Factories now need to be constructed in the same manner as Bases You can now insure personal aircraft New company - airport selection screen - alpha ordering fixed AH2 prevents blank or null Locati- fixed issue which prevented completion of constructed aircraft You can now change the cruise speed by right clicking in the fleet screen Added cruise speed to the fleet details section Fixed issue when creating a new company without selecting an airport Fixed issue with mission generation for smuggling missions destination VA aircraft now update their config (passenger/cargo) when being Booked In to the VA fleet Aircraft must be at a base (company, or VA) in-order for the configuration to be changed Being at a VA base now counts towards the repair discount for all aircraft Added the kneeboard briefing file to a tab on the flight monitoring window You can now disable some (not all) of the in Sim "tips/messages" regarding pax boarding/satisfaction Fixed issue with incorrect location/distance in the map view when doing an ad-hoc flight Fixed an issue with an incorrect mission destination for smuggling missions Fixed issue with the World Wide BBS job map not populating when in Nomad modon being saved to Fleet record fixed issue with "Cancel" not working when adding an excluded airport fixed issue with pax sector departure being reset to 00:00 when editing fixed issue with pax sector details UI not updating correctly Clicking on a path on the WW Job map now selects the job correctly WW job board button added to Cargo Jobs menu Fixed an issue which could cause double entries on pax flights Fixed an issue whereby the Map line style not being saved Fixed issue whereby VA pilots didn't show on the VA radar Fixed an issue preventing pax flights from flying at the correct time Sectors stay marked as "Completed" for longer to show that they were flown properly (Rather than immediately being reset to pending) Added "Details" button to review individual flight details (an option to clear down these entries will be added in due course) Fixed an issue where AH2 would report the aircraft at the wrong location when flying a pax sector yourself About Air Hauler 2 For X-Plane Air Hauler 2 puts you in complete control of your own freight and passenger company – take charge of operations both in the boardroom and in the cockpit. You can also "go global" and create your own Virtual Airline and recruit other AH2 pilots to fly for you with attractive payouts, or you can join another pilot's booming airline and fly for that alongside your own company.
  • SSG Releases B748 Anniversary Edition Update XP

    X-Plane developer SSG (Supercritical Simulations Group), have released their B748 Anniversary Edition update. Version 2.4 brings enhanced system accuracy and a host of new features, such as a new tablet with Avitab compatibility and new sound designer. We are very happy to announce the release of the SSG B748 Anniversary Edition version 2.4. It brings a lot of system accuracy and new features like new tablet with Avitab compatibility and new sound designer. It has been above 4 months in beta test and the final change log you can find here. Version 2.4 Beta 1 New tablet with same functions plus the inflight (no all finished). New external/internal sound 3D and internal environment. Now the fuel feed system is fully custom (fixed eng 3 fuel intro). Fuel loader load the reserve + main 1/4 as same as main 2/3. Electrical tie don't opens if 4 engines is running ok. Beta 2 Linux version now in beta. Fixed center fuel pump sasl error Fixed APU not starting after landing or after turned off. Fixed some fuel synoptics graphic. Fixed some tablet issues. Fixed weather map showing in wrong map. Added an AP disengage command and virtual 3d spot in the yoke. Fixed some sound issues. Beta 3 Update the rest of the actuators zones for a better 3d format, especially for VRers. Fix engine generators not turning off with other power sources. Fix custom timed instruments and lights not working in replay. Beta 4 Fixed Auto throttle bug. Added AT engage disengage command to hardware and virtual on the TLA. Added AT disengage message. Added autopilot disengage message. Fixed overspeed sound. Remixed some engine sounds inn and out plus some other sounds like aircond. Added overshoot weight max payload to both versions. TCAS now shows over 20 acfs. FMC Changelog Due All Beta Phases Cost index now can be zero. Airport position init in POS INIT PAGE set the proper coordinates. Fixed when select arrival, all data disappears. First waypoint in a SID proper procedure. Correct number pages and page numbers for LEGS and RTE page. Proper use of Altitude restrictions during climb. Prev and next keys work properly in legs and RTE pages. At the STAR in the RTE page the waypoint is the last of the star. Enter if cruise level at VNAV CLIMB and CRUISE PAGES. Enter of speeds at VNAV PAGES. Acceleration altitude included in takeoff page 2. RNAV approaches more lateral accurate. RTE PAGE sometimes glitches. Improved transitions management. Save preferences and sound of the tablet. Source