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I had a vision, A vision to give a free dedicated flight sim download website for the community to enjoy using, unlike other websites wizzsim is maintained by myself without help. Due to ill health which affects my coordination wizzsim at times has not been updated after a long 3 month illness I am now back and will try my best to getting wizzsim back on track over the next few weeks and months. Get Ready for change.

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FS2004 FSP MD Wide Body Base Pack. The complete collection of FSPainter McDonnell Douglas wide body airliner models. Models included are DC-10 and MD-11. Includes white base texture for use by repainters. By Mitsushi Yutaka.

Date-9173Saturday, 18 June 2022 23:39
File Size-9173 1.95 MB
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FS2004 Airbus Side Stick Controller. The movable side stick controller for Airbus panels. Noted that many excellent Airbus panels are missing the side stick. This side stick can be easily installed to the aircraft panel, it opens with the button (marked 'Stick' in red) installed to the panel. The side stick can then be dragged to any most realistic location (as shown in screen shot - in Airbus to the side of the panel). Actually, the stick can be used at any aircraft using the stick controller. By Peter Bendl.

Date-9172Saturday, 18 June 2022 23:38
File Size-9172 140.27 KB
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FS2004 Air Deccan Airbus VT-ADY And VT-ADZ A320-232. Project Airbus Air Deccan Airbus A320-232, registration VT-ADY and VT-ADZ. Model required: FS2004_AIR_DECCAN_AIRBUS_A320-200.ZIP. Air Deccan, was the first Indian low-cost carrier. Headquartered in Bengaluru, it operated domestic flights from seven base airports using a fleet of Airbus A320, ATR 42 and ATR 72 aircraft. The airline appealed to middle-class travelers with low fares and a large route network. It employed several innovative methods to ensure the profitability of its business model. Nevertheless, Simplifly Deccan merged with Kingfisher Airlines in April 2008. Kingfisher replaced the Deccan brand with Kingfisher Red in August 2008. By Arindam Chakraborty.

Date-9168Saturday, 18 June 2022 23:26
File Size-9168 24.02 MB
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FS2004 Aeroejecutivo Boeing 727-100, circa 1993. This is a repaint of the Vistaliners B727-100 in Aeroejecutivo 1993 livery. Also known as AeroExo, it was a Mexican airline based in Monterrey. It was founded in 1975 and operated scheduled/charter passenger flights until 1996 when it merged with Aviacsa. You would need the Vistaliners 727-100 base pack (B72720VL.ZIP). The textures are 32 bit. By Juan Antonio Martinez Castro.

Date-9162Friday, 17 June 2022 23:40
File Size-9162 3.14 MB
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FS2004 Classic Scenery Libraries File 2 version 2. The original Classic Libraries file (CLASSIC_LIBRARIES_V4A.ZIP) has become too large to add any more files to. So this file will now contain all changes and additions to the FS2004 Classic Libraries series. You will need to install CLASSIC_LIBRARIES_V4A.ZIP first before installing this file, unless already installed. By Wolfgang Gersch.

Date-9144Friday, 10 June 2022 01:12
File Size-9144 7.47 MB
Download-9144 3
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FS2004 Trans Air Link Boeing 737-200adv. Boeing 737-200 adv (with VC) in ficticious Trans Air Link textures. (I attempted to search the Web to see if TAL ever used the cargo version of the 737-200adv but came up short...) I don't think TAL is still in business anyway...not sure. Hope you enjoy these textures as much as I have. I would tell you to download Sascha's, but I came up empty as far as model files...(when I downloaded the huge file). Anyway, Download the Tinmouse Team's for starters. By the way I could not for the life of me, retract the spoilers try as I may. TAL textures by James Craig.

Date-9138Friday, 10 June 2022 01:07
File Size-9138 17.58 MB
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FS2004 Magma Boeing 747-481(BCF). "Magma" are an air freight company with their head office in Gatwick UK. Five 747 Icelandic registered freighters, leased from Air Atlanta are based in Frankfurt and Liege. Texture files only for the Project Open Sky aircraft (74FKADHL.ZIP). (Corrected reference to base package.) By Alan Merry.

Date-9137Friday, 10 June 2022 01:07
File Size-9137 6.95 MB
Download-9137 3
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FS2004 Lufthansa Boeing 787-9 AGS-4G. The latest AGS-4th Generation (Animated Ground Servicing) and static display with new features and details, exclusively incorporate with the aircraft model. High Definition Textures, saved in 32 bits. Rear cargo lower hold model: Dolly / Container types. Model design and paint by Camil Valiquette (CamSim).

Date-9082Tuesday, 07 June 2022 00:53
File Size-9082 6.78 MB
Download-9082 3
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FS2004 Silver Boeing 787-10. A repaint of Tenkuu Freeware B787. The panel requires the zip gauges included and possibly others you do not have. Use your favorite panel if needed. Thanks Tony D'Ambrosio NAV, Danny Ho TCAS, Bob Kellogg HUD and all other gauge developers. By Brian Rushfeldt.

Date-9063Tuesday, 07 June 2022 00:49
File Size-9063 48.25 MB
Download-9063 2
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FS2004 Jetfly Pilatus PC-12 Fleet (2019). Repaints I am using in my simulator of choice, FS2004, for the Jetfly fleet of "Mosquitos" operating in Europe. They are complemented by a set of 52-week flight plans for the PC12 fleet as of 2019, when there were special liveries and before several aircraft had moved on (to the Finnish register as part of the Fly7 fleet that is associated with Jetfly). The 52-week plans will get them changing their routes every week if you change the plans around with my automated swapper (uoloaded earlier, right here). You can of course just choose one of the weeks and stick with it forever! Two sets of paints are provided for each aircraft in the fleet as well as one operated by Jetfly for Faymonville distribution in Luxembourg - LX-FDI). There are two paints because nobody seems to agree on whether they are silver or gold. There's a mica component in the paint that causes color shifts and they pick up the ambient light differently. So, one more silveryset, and one more gold. Your choice! By Matthew Ministry/RF.

Date-9061Tuesday, 07 June 2022 00:49
File Size-9061 36.27 MB
Download-9061 15
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FS2004 Scenery--Casablanca Anfa GMMC 1955. Casalanca Anfa GMMC, also known as Casablanca Cazes, based on a USAF chart and as it was in 1955. By Ken Lawson.

Date-9060Tuesday, 07 June 2022 00:48
File Size-9060 1.68 MB
Download-9060 1
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FS2004 Boeing 737-200 ADV. This is an enhancement for the TMECBK 737-200Adv adaption with VC of Erick Cantu's original model TinMouse 737-200Adv by Bjorn Kesten, with the kind permission of Bjoern. All the liveries from Bjoern's FSX VC model are converted and tweaked to FS2004 format. I have added some gauges to the VC, a TCAS altimeter, stand-by AHIs, altimeters and ASIs. clocks, a nicer timer and a whisky compass. There are several VC configurations, loosely based on photographs. I have modded and cleaned up the VC textures to get a nice three dimensional effect, with additional eye candy and a few variations between liveries. I have also added Shockwave Redux lights. Finally, I have included a real world livery of N320DL Northern Air Cargo based in Anchorage, plus some fictional Northern Air Cargo planes, for a grand total of 22 hires liveries. By Sascha Rieger.

Date-9056Tuesday, 07 June 2022 00:47
File Size-9056 623.41 MB
Download-9056 39
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FS2004 Convair F-106A Update. This is an update of the Convair F-106A-B Delta Dart by Kazunori Ito. I have given it a different panel, changed the afterburner, changed the smoke effect so it is the correct height and updated the flight dynamics. No VC. By Bob Chicilo.

Date-9052Sunday, 05 June 2022 23:41
File Size-9052 4.33 MB
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FS2004 Boeing 737-200Adv Luxair "Prince Guillaume". The first Boeing 737 delivered to the Luxemburg airlines company, LUXAIR, in 1977. Its first flight was in december 2nd 1977, and a small replica was donated to the Grand Duché of this period. Two more aircrafts were delivered later, the LX-LGI "Princesse Marie-Astrid" and the LX-LGN. Those were replaced in the 90s by the Boeing 737-400/500, more economic and efficient. This archive contains a repaint requires TinMouse 737-200 Adv for FS2004. By Yohan Tangorra.

Date-9014Sunday, 05 June 2022 00:12
File Size-9014 21.01 MB
Download-9014 4
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FS2004 China Eastern Airbus A330-200. Among the colorfully painted aircraft in the China Eastern Airlines fleet is this Airbus A330-200, B-5943, "". Texture files are for the AI TFS model for FS2004.. By Alan Merry.

Date-9013Sunday, 05 June 2022 00:11
File Size-9013 266 KB
Download-9013 0