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I had a vision, A vision to give a free dedicated flight sim download website for the community to enjoy using, unlike other websites wizzsim is maintained by myself without help. Due to ill health which affects my coordination wizzsim at times has not been updated after a long 3 month illness I am now back and will try my best to getting wizzsim back on track over the next few weeks and months. Get Ready for change.

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FSX/p3d Lufthansa Boeing 747-230B. D-ABYQ "Bremen" for the CLS B747-200 model. This was the first airborn flight deck I was ever on. By Ken Padgitt.

Date-9177Saturday, 18 June 2022 23:39
File Size-9177 10.4 MB
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p3d v4/v5 Azul Linhas Airbus A321Neo Minnie Mouse Livery Fix. Textures only for the FSPXAI payware A32X neo. Model and paint kit with PBR textures by Mitsushi Yukata. Includes registrations for real traffic. I corrected the placement of the wings registration. Painted by Joel Branchu.

Date-9165Friday, 17 June 2022 23:41
File Size-9165 1.42 MB
Download-9165 2
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FS2004/p3d Singapore Airlines A350-941 9V-SMF. In 2016 Singapore Airlines brought in the 6th Airbus A350 with registration 9V-SMF with the 10,000 Airbus Aircraft sticker as a token of gratitude from Airbus which has produced 10,000 aircraft. Textures for Freeware TDS Airbus A350-900, requires TDS A350 base pack (TDS_A350-900_RELEASE_BASESET_211227.ZIP). Repainted by Andi Bibby.

Date-9126Thursday, 09 June 2022 00:30
File Size-9126 6.1 MB
Download-9126 12
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p3d JAL Boeing 737-800 JA301J. Textures only for the PMDG B737-800 payware model. By megamegaddons.

Date-9115Thursday, 09 June 2022 00:19
File Size-9115 42.96 MB
Download-9115 1
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p3d JAL Boeing 737-800 JA337J. Textures only for the payware PMDG B737-800. By megamegaddons.

Date-9114Thursday, 09 June 2022 00:19
File Size-9114 43.46 MB
Download-9114 0
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p3d V4/V5 POSKY Boeing 747-100v4 PBR Conversion Base package. The Project Open Sky Boeing 747V4 Classic Series PBR Native Conversion for P3DV4 and V5 is a newly updated conversion of the old top-hit Freeware add-on aircraft series that is known to the flight simulation community since FS2002, FS2004, and onwards to FSX and has been loved by thousands of flight-simmers across the world because of its simple-but-great model, and completely free of charge. By Carl Lyndon F. Nepomuceno / Project Open Sky.
But with newer flight simulators on the line under the ESP flight simulator Type such as lockheed martin prepar3d V4 and V5, the Project Opensky Boeing 747V4 Classic Series (which was only made for FS2004) were slowly falling behind and couldn't keep up with the current flight simulators today.

And now, for the first time in 2022, this newly-updated conversion has surfaced to the public and in the eyes of the flight simulation community. Destined to fly in the current flight simulators of today like prepar3d V4 and prepar3d V5, this classic Freeware had continued to live on into the new era, bringing nostalgia not only just to those who flown it before in FS2004, but also for a new generation who can relive classic scenes of the Jumbo Jet’s illustrious history through this iconic Freeware add-on aircraft series in today’s flight simulator platforms. It finally received an all new makeover!

And the permission to convert the models was acquired from the developer who was the mind of the POSKY 747V4 Classic Series: Hiroshi Igami. And he gave our conversion team the green light to do so. Leading to this conversion to surface in the public for the first time.

Follow the instructions in the Readme txt file. And read the documentation for more info and the credits on this base package. If you have any questions/comments or any problems while installing this base package, feel free to contact me.

Date-9111Wednesday, 08 June 2022 00:43
File Size-9111 31.01 MB
Download-9111 1
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FSX/p3d v3,v4,v5 Nieuport 17. During March 1916, the new Nieuport 17 reached the front to begin replacing the earlier Nieuport 11 and 16 fighters that had been instrumental in ending the Fokker Scourge of 1915. On 2 May 1916, Escadrille N.57 became the first unit entirely equipped with the new model. During the late 1916 and into 1917, the Nieuport 17 equipped every fighter squadron of the Aeronautique Militaire. Almost all of the top French aces flew the nimble Nieuport during their flying careers. Native model by A.F. Scrub.

Date-9106Wednesday, 08 June 2022 00:24
File Size-9106 26.93 MB
Download-9106 5
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FSX/p3d Japan Airlines Boeing 767-346ER GE. A texture/repaint for use with SkySpirit2010's Boeing 767-300ER with GE engines. I paint this from scratch using official paint kit and some resources about that airframe. This airframe was once applied the "Sticker" of the Japanese anime character "Doraemon" for debuting its movie "Doraemon: Nobita's Great Adventure in the Antarctic Kachi Kochi" in 2017. Today, the airframe is still in service with Japan Airlines, but with different livery named "JAL Dream Express Fantasia 80". By Kitt Boonyueang.

Date-9089Wednesday, 08 June 2022 00:18
File Size-9089 8.95 MB
Download-9089 1
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FS2004/p3d TDS Airbus A350-900 Base Pack. Tenkuu Developers Studio - Airbus A350-900. Reference model set for FS2004. This pack contains P3DV4 models too. No models for FSX since there was so many unpermitted migration to FS2020. Model builder: Hiroshi Igami. FDE designer: Nate Rosenstrauch. Master painter: Carlos Eduardo Salas. PBR texture: Ken Webber (Operation Infinity). Supported by TDS staff and others who helped. Special thanks to Edward Cox, Danny Cummings, Hiroaki Itoh. By Tenkuu Developers Studios.

Date-9086Tuesday, 07 June 2022 00:54
File Size-9086 38.5 MB
Download-9086 43
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p3d v4/v5 Raven FS Labs CRJ-900 SAS Fleet. Textures only for Raven FS Labs Bombardier CRJ-900 with PBR textures. Two variations: old and new colors. Included registrations for real traffic. Painted by Joel Branchu.

Date-9079Tuesday, 07 June 2022 00:52
File Size-9079 1.84 MB
Download-9079 2
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p3d v4/v5 Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A320 neo Fleet. Textures only for the FSPXAI payware A32X neo. Model and paint kit with PBR textures. Three variations: old colors, new colors standard and dome. Included registrations for realtraffic. By Joel Branchu.

Date-9076Tuesday, 07 June 2022 00:52
File Size-9076 3.82 MB
Download-9076 2
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p3d v4/v5 El Al Israeli Airlines Boeing 787-8. Textures only the payware FSPXAI - Boeing 787 V2 for p3d v4/v5 AI-traffif. Model and paint kit with PBR textures by Mitsushi Yukata. Includes registrations for real traffic. Painted by Joel Branchu.

Date-9075Tuesday, 07 June 2022 00:52
File Size-9075 1.33 MB
Download-9075 1
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p3d v4/v5 El Al Israel Airlins Boeing 787-9 Fleet. Textures only the payware FSPXAI - Boeing 787 v2 for p3d v4/v5 AI-traffic. Model and paint kit with PBR textures by Mitsushi Yukata. Three variations: standard, retro and Jerusalem. Includes registrations for real traffic. Painted by Joel Branchu.

Date-9074Tuesday, 07 June 2022 00:52
File Size-9074 3.83 MB
Download-9074 0
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p3d v4/v5 Ehtiopian Airlines Boeing 787-9 100th Aircraft. Textures only the payware FSPXAI - Boeing 787 v2 for p3d v4/v5 AI-traffic. Model and paint kit with PBR textures by Mitsushi Yukata. Include registrations for real traffic. Painted by Joel Branchu.

Date-9073Tuesday, 07 June 2022 00:52
File Size-9073 1.17 MB
Download-9073 0
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p3d v4/v5 Condor Green Airbus A330-200 D-AIXB. Textures only for the AIG B753 RR. Model and paintkit by AIG. Converted model for p3d with PBR textures by AIG. Painted by Joel Branchu for real traffic.

Date-9072Tuesday, 07 June 2022 00:52
File Size-9072 1.14 MB
Download-9072 1