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With the release of patch #2 yesterday, the team is wrapping up another busy week!

  • Around the World Episode 3 – We are excited to announce the release of Episode 3 (AFRICA) from our Around the World series!
  • Partnership Series – Updated Partnership Series video has been released.
  • SDK Update – Update on our SDK development and Third Party development.
  • Development Roadmap – Updated version of the Development Roadmap has been posted.
  • Feedback Snapshot – We are targeting 09.24 for posting an update to our Feedback Snapshot.
  • Patch timeline – Expect an update on our next patch release in our 09.24 post.

The team would also like to express their gratitude for the feedback we’ve been receiving from those of you out there encountering a bit of turbulence with the recent patch release. The team is actively working to provide updates for these issues, along with an updated Feedback Snapshot (expect updated Feedback Snapshot to be released on 09.24). In the meantime, please visit -> for the most recent information regarding updates on issues.

It’s been incredibly valuable to have a close connection with the community as we navigate a few early growing pains. We will continue to work closely with the community to build a franchise that can be enjoyed by many for years to come!

Development Update

The Feedback Snapshot contains information collected across all of our communities. The information below is just a subset of the overall feedback we collect and will be included in the Feedback Snapshot but will not represent ALL issues in the Feedback Snapshot.

  • 225/03 Wind Thread – “Thread for people having the 225/03 wind issue in North America and other places around the world. The winds aloft are always about 225 degrees at 3kts
  • Wind Testing – “In an effort to give this issue more visibility, and greater importance for addressing. Did a test of (6) different airports to show that the wind depiction issues go well beyond the 223/3 knots winds aloft bug we all know about.”
  • Live Weather and Wind Readings are Not accurate – “Hello, I’m wondering if you all are having the well know weather issue with the wind still at 2 kts when you fly anywhere in the world because I did a test flight from KSFO to Eureka, CA and flew over the ocean where winds this morning where around 30 kts but my Grand Caravan aircraft only had winds 225 degrees at 2 kts”
  • Live Weather Not Working: In general, Live Weather not accurate. “Having to restart to get live weather working again, then sometimes midflight it just changes to clear conditions.”
  • Live Weather Error – “After I quit the flight and go back to World Map the live weather does not work anymore. Weather appears to be clear in whatever airport I start again.”
  • Garmin G1000/G3000 & Autopilot Related Issues – Variety of AP and issues with the Garmin Avionics. Read list in thread.
  • Turboprop Engine Logic Issues – “Basic turboprop engine issues to include ITT on start, ITT with altitude, torque versus altitude, and N1 versus altitude issues.”
  • ATC Incorrect Phraseology – Airline pilot highlights it in thread.
  • After patch A320 left engine starts, then dies, won’t start again
  • A32 engines starts and dies – “After patch A320 left engine starts, then dies, won’t start again”
  • Night lighting – Terrain emits light? – Terrain emits light, see thread for further examples and screenshots.
  • Dreadful Performance – General performance issues (stutters, jumpy, etc.) with good computer set up.
  • Reflections look grainy, even if reflections are on ultra
  • Lack of Real Time Traffic
  • Cessna Citation Longitude Performance issues – “Engine, fuel, and flight dynamics issues with the Longitude”
  • A320 swaying left and right – When on Autopilot, the A320 sways left and right

Around The World – Episode #3 (Africa) Is Here


Partnership Series Update – Introducing Textron


SDK Update

The SDK team is working on several key areas to further improve and expand the SDK functionality:

  • Scenery Editor: Projected mesh normal rotation issues have been addressed and it is now possible to replace single models for scenery objects.
  • Aircraft Editor: Several stability fixes and improvements have been made thanks to the input from the community.
  • Particle Effects System: A new node-based particles effects system is in development and features more tunable parameters. The node graph editor got some usability improvements and support for generating ribbons has been added.
  • WebAssembly: Addressed some usability issues (e.g. allowing single file recompilation) and are mostly concentrating on reducing developer iteration time and improving the debugging experience. Also enhanced the way file I/O requests from WASM modules work, improved WASM modules caching and fixed issues upon WASM module shutdown.

Third Party Developers

It’s only been one short month since we launched the new microsoft flight simulator and we have already received over 900 applications to our Marketplace Partner Program. That’s amazing and we are so excited to see the third party creator community embracing the new platform with such enthusiasm. Last week alone, we launched 10 all-new products and updates to 8 existing ones. Our team has been quite impressed by the quality of the work from the airport teams at Aerosoft, Big Tire, Carenado, FLYT, Fly Tampa, FS Dream Team, Gaya, Latin VR and ORBX and it’s awesome to see new aircraft, airports and other add-ons being announced almost daily. We always knew that the energy and creativity from third parties is critical for a vibrant ecosystem, but the degree of adoption and sheer speed and volume of releases has far exceeded our expectations.


Flight Sim Latest News

  • ATR 42/ATR 72 Coming to MSFS 2020

    ATR 42/ATR 72 Coming to MSFS 2020

    Microsoft has announced that an additional default aircraft will be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2022, the ATR 42-600 / ATR 72-600. They are working with Aerosoft on the aircraft and have...
  • MSFS 2020 World Update IV: France/Benelux Now Available

    MSFS 2020 World Update IV: France/Benelux Now Available

    The Microsoft Flight Simulator team announces the release of World Update IV - France/Benelux. This includes a huge list of POI (points of interest) and lots of additional details brought to this...
  • IndiaFoxtEcho Updates MB-339 To v1.22 MSFS 2020

    IndiaFoxtEcho Updates MB-339 To v1.22 MSFS 2020

    IndiaFoxtEcho has announced an update to their MB-339 for MSFS 2020. In preparation for World Update IV they had to update all their Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft and also took this chance to...
  • Stairport Announces EGTP Perranporth MSFS 2020

    Stairport Announces EGTP Perranporth MSFS 2020

    In the Aerosoft forums, a preview of the next MSFS 2020 scenery from Stairport has recently been published. They are reported to be working on EGTP Perranporth Airfield, located in Cornwall, UK...
  • MilViz FG-1D Corsair Released For MSFS 2020

    MilViz FG-1D Corsair Released For MSFS 2020

    MilViz has announced the release of their first add-on aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulation, the FG-1D Corsair. Created exclusively for MSFS 2020, the Corsair features an intricate flight model,...
  • Aeroplane Heaven Previews AS1000 And AS3x Units

    Aeroplane Heaven Previews AS1000 And AS3x Units

    Aeroplane Heaven have shared some preview images of the AS1000 and AS3x units found in their upcoming Mustang for MSFS: We're putting off, for as long as possible, the riveting task of... riveting the...
  • Delta Heritage Airpark Released For MSFS

    Delta Heritage Airpark Released For MSFS

    CFSS (CanadianFlightSimStudios) announces the release of Delta Heritage Airpark in Vancouver for MSFS 2020. This unique airport features a manicured grass runway, Mary's Place restaurant, aircraft...
  • HJG 21st Anniversary Web Site Update

    HJG 21st Anniversary Web Site Update

    HJG "Biggest Ever & 21ST Anniversary" web site update. HJG (Historic Jetliners Group) has pleasure announcing its first release for 2021 and "BIGGEST EVER" web site update.... all in conjunction with...
  • BushtalkRadio / BushtalkClient For MSFS

    BushtalkRadio / BushtalkClient For MSFS

    Have you given up on your travel plans for the foreseeable future? Become a virtual tourist with this free add-on for MSFS2020! Explore the world while listening to thousands of audio tours from the...
  • Orbx Announces 2021 Road Map

    Orbx Announces 2021 Road Map

    Over on their forum page, Orbx have provided a roadmap for their numerous upcoming products. It includes city packs, regions, airports and also aircraft: We realise we have not announced any product...


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