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From developer Matteo Veneziani comes a complete overhaul of one of our most popular European destinations. Located on the idyllic Mediterranean island of Sardinia, Olbia Costa Smeralda encompasses both the the airport in complete detail, as well as the surrounding city and coastal approaches. As a popular Italian holiday destination, the airport sees a mix of airline, corporate and GA traffic, as well as being a home base for the aerial firefighting waterbomber fleet.

Using the latest MSFS SDK updates, this airport is one of our very first to integrate completely customized animated jetways, as well as a custom ground poly (projected mesh). All textures have been redone, with full PBR and higher resolution artwork utilized throughout. Dozens of landmarks lie waiting to be explored, including several new easter eggs not previously included in the original p3d release. All-new GSE and static aircraft types have been added to the existing fleet for the MSFS version, as well as crisp custom aerial imagery for the airport environment. Careful attention has been given to the apron markings, sloping runway and detailed vegetation placement, as well as improved coastline and rockwork along the harbour. Utilizing innovative night lighting techniques, custom wig-wag and dynamic taxiway lighting complement the comprehensive mix of apron, terminal and runway effects.

A complete airport & city package, Olbia Costa Smeralda is a charming scenery that perfectly encapsulates this picturesque Mediterranean holiday city.


  • Complete airport & city package
  • Highly detailed rendition of Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport
  • Totally overhauled from the previous p3d release
  • Custom animated jetways
  • Hand-coloured custom aerial imagery for airport precinct
  • Dozens of custom POI around the city
  • Custom ground poly (projected mesh) for complete accuracy
  • Working wig-wag lighting
  • Innovated dynamic lighting techniques
  • New custom GSE & static aircraft
  • Incredibly detailed airside & landside areas
  • Hand-corrected coastlines, terraforming and vegetation
  • Original ship models
  • Sloped runway
  • Complete PBR textures
  • Custom static ground crew
  • Perfectly located for regional to flights to Innsbruck, Dubrovnik, Rijeka and more.


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