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I am happy to announce that our latest update (v2.0.2.440) for the A320-X, A319-X and A321-X for p3d v4 (64-bit) is now live and available through our download page.

This update brings some fixes and improvements to items reported since our v434 release. Notably in this version, you will find a fix for the STD ATSU leap year issue, as well as fixes in friction logic that caused high brake temperatures in "hard winter" scenarios.

Note that you will need to download updated versions of the FSLabs provided liveries, as there were a few small differences in the updated models which require the affected liveries to be updated as well. We have already updated those for your downloading pleasure.

A few people are wondering what is to follow - we have already shared that we have been working on a Sharklets extension to our add-on family, this should be available for purchase within the coming months.

Development work to follow that project is under way, but it's heavily influenced by the release timetables of microsoft flight simulator (or "FS2020" as people have started calling it now) and, contrary to a few other developers out there, we'd rather announce more detailed plans for it as soon as we have coordinated schedules with microsoft (way too many NDAs and I am surprised how some people tend to ignore them).

The A321-X paint kit is ready and we expect to have it uploaded within the next 24-48 hours as well.


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