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The VRS F/A-18F "Rhino" is the culmination of many years of research, modeling, texturing and state of the art developmental techniques. This is a 2-seat variant of the Super Hornet with selectable rear-seat configurations for trainer and RIO stations. Rhino is destined to be our finest work yet and will feature meticulously crafted PBR materials throughout.

Rhino for p3d (which will support p3d v4 through the latest version of p3d at the time of release), is estimated to be shipping in mid to late December 2020. Preordering helps support our development efforts (and saves you a few bucks). Retail for Rhino p3d will be $64.99. Preorder pricing is $54.99.

The Rhino will be released first for p3d v4+, followed by FS2020. Because FS2020 will require completely re-written avionics, and likely significant changes and/or additions to existing materials, we estimate the FS2020 version may be in development until well into 2021.

This preorder is for p3d v4+ ONLY. As with our previous releases, p3d and FS2020 versions will be licensed and sold separately. These are distinctly different platforms both with unique requirements that preclude cross-compatibility/cross-buy. FSX will not be supported by Rhino.

Rhino for p3d v4 Academic is expected to ship mid to late December, 2020. Your preorder helps us divert more time to development and less to our "day" jobs. Please see the Rhino product page for updates and new images as development continues.

Terms & Conditions

Please read before purchase!

  • Compatible ONLY with exact platform version(s) listed under requirements
  • Requires TacPack for p3d v4+
  • Licenses sold for p3d Academic are for non-commercial-use ONLY
  • Includes one (1) year of free minor version updates. Yearly extentions can be obtained for a nominal fee
  • Internet required for automatic activation. Manual activation possible from an online secondary device
  • Automatic activation requires firewall access to outgoing ports 80 and 443
  • Native force feedback NOT supported. An alternative is fs-force
  • Not all features available in single-player may be available or the same in multi-player
  • System requirements are subject to change without notification

Preorder Here

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