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New version v2.0 introduces a brand new FMOD sound package and a brand new, fully functional 7" LR G1000 bundle with dual functionality (PFD/MFD) on a single display! The new configuration sets cross-country flights into a whole new level!

Also in the update: Flight dynamics tune-ups (including the BRS system), VR interactivity improvements and more!

The included POH (Pilot's Operations Handbook) was updated as well and it is recommended to take a few minutes and get familiar with the latest features and instructions.

The update is already available via the included STMA Autoupdater. Simply load the aircraft in X-Plane and let it update!

Store package was updated with the latest v2.0 build and it is recommended to re-download the package as well. Simply log into your store account and re-download it.

The VSKYLABS ICON-A5 is a comprehensive ICON-A5 simulation, and it includes every unique aspect of the real aircraft: Performance and handling, authentic AOA indicating system, Stall characteristics, Water operations, Landing and taxi light configuration, Bilge water build-up and purge system, Removable cockpit windows, CAP system (along with automatic gear retraction upon activation), Detailed, fully animated wing-fold mechanism.

The project was developed and engineered to allow full VR operations, making it one of the most intimate A5 virtual experience available!


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