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FSX Sopwith Cuckoo
FSX Sopwith Cu-0
FSX Sopwith Dolphin
FSX Sopwith Dol-1
FS2004/FSX KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 777-9 PH-BZA
FS2004/FSX KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 777-9 PH-2
P3D v4/v5 Amaszonas Embrear 190 FSPXAI
P3D v4/v5 Amaszonas Embrear 190 FS-3
P3D v4/v5 Air Incheon Boeing 737-800WLSF FSPXAI
P3D v4/v5 Air Incheon Boeing 737-800WLSF FS-4
FSX Lockheed Super Constellation Update
FSX Lockheed Super Constellation Up-5
X-Plane EC-KSO
X-Plane EC-6
FS2004/FSX Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 777-9 HZ-AKD
FS2004/FSX Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 777-9 HZ-7
X-Plane 11.40+ de Havilland DH.110 Sea Vixen 2.2.1
X-Plane 11.40+ de Havilland DH.110 Sea Vixen 2-8
X-Plane 11.50+ Fokker Super Universal 1.0.1
X-Plane 11.50+ Fokker Super Universal 1-9
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FlyInside announces their first add-on for microsoft flight simulator , the Bell 47-G2 Helicopter. Available later this week, the chopper integrates a custom flight model for realistic operation even though MSFS 2020 does not currently support helicopters. With PBR materials and textures the detailed artwork will make you feel like you're inside a real Bell 47.

Flight Dynamics

This is not a hack! Although microsoft flight simulator does not currently support helicopters, the FlyInside Bell 47-G2 integrates a custom flight model.

Initially developed for FlyInside flight simulator , our flight model provides an authentic helicopter flight experience, with realistic collective/cyclic response, ground effect, flap-back, transverse flow, torque/yaw, VRS, auto-rotation capabilities, and more!


Enjoy realistic systems with full support for startup/shutdown procedures and weight and balance, as well as support for failures.

Our piston engine simulation means that those of you with collective+throttle controls can enjoy the challenge of manual engine control.​

Our helicopter also includes an optional engine governor, making it a joy to fly with a standard 4-axis joystick or controller.


Our detailed artwork will make you feel as if you're really sitting inside a Bell 47. PBR materials and textures, interactive switches, and realistic spacial sounds come together for an incredible experience. Rotor drive and control systems are fully modeled and animated.

Pick the look you want, the FlyInside Bell 47 has multiple liveries to suit your needs. A paint kit is also included so that you can create your own!

About FlyInside

FlyInside has been developing flight simulation and virtual reality software for years. Since our first product, FlyInside FSX , we've been pushing the boundaries of what's possible with today's technology. First with virtual reality, and now with flight dynamics.

Our team consists of experienced software engineers, expert pilots, and talented artists.




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