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IndiaFoxtEcho Update On F-35 Project For MSFS

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Quick update on our F-35 project: the F-35A model is now 99.9% done. There are still minor tweaks to be done here and there, but we think the quality is already acceptable.

There are a couple of details we are NOT happy with, in detail:

  • The afterburner effect: we went for a modeled approach, but we are not happy with the results.
  • The canopy glass material: in reality it is slightly tinted but it is difficult to get it right (and you can't trust photos that much, as it the picture depends on the lens filters and polarizers)... at the moment it has a gold-ish effect, but is probably overdone and too saturated.
  • The special effects: we planned to add several "special effects" via the new Visual Effects editor (transonic singularities, condensation "whiskers" etc.) but there seems to be a problem as quite often effects do not look the same in the editor and in-game.

While this F-35 model is largely based on the model we used for p3d , it has been remade/improved in many areas: main texture is now 8K, PBR (Substance) has been employed on all the parts (down to the smallest ones) and the model has many more details - and some parts have been completely remodelled (cockpit, weapon bays, landing gear, lights, engine, etc.)

The F-35B model is almost finished too, we'll show some pictures in the next few days.




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