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MSFS November 18th, 2021 Dev Update

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There isn't really much News that we haven't already covered in this latest update from microsoft, but here it is anyway:

November 18th, 2021 Development Update - microsoft flight simulator

We are thrilled to release the microsoft flight simulator Game of the Year Edition as a "thank you" to our fans who have made the sim such a phenomenon.

A big shout out and thank you to The Game Awards for nominating microsoft flight simulator once again in the Best Sim/Strategy Game category! We are beyond honored for this recognition and are excited to be amongst so many other amazing games this year.

Feature Discovery Series: Reno Air Races


 SDK Update


  • We spotted issues on the Sim Update 7 that couldn't be fixed in time. Even though they are fixed now, you may encounter them, so here is a list of known problems:
    • PaintedHatchedAreas make the sim crash.
    • Null-size flags file in your package sources may cause invalid materials (pink aircraft). Delete them to solve the issue.
    • glTF errors may prevent you from building your aircraft when using some Blender exporters.
    • The aircraft control is lost when the Aircraft Editor is open. Closing the editor will restore controls.

Dev Mode

  • We now ignore null-size flags file, to avoid invalid materials which result in pink aircraft.
  • Creating a project with special characters (e.g. accents) in the project's path no longer causes a crash.
  • Scenery Editor:
    • We fixed a crash that could happen when trying to add a CarParking to the scene.
    • We fixed a crash that could happen when trying to add a PaintedHatchedArea.
    • We had an error "Parking not linked to the main graph" that prevented you from saving your scenery. We downgraded it to a "warning" only so that you can still build your package. However if your parking have has a weird appearance, linking them to the main graph will solve the issue.
    • We fixed an infinite loading after a restart when an airport has an invalid preset light.
  • Visual Effects Editor:
    • We now allow spawning VFXs on SimObjects without setting any node or any contact point. VFX will be attached to the root node of the object.
  • Aircraft Editor:
    • We fixed the interactions with the sim that were disabled when the Aircraft Editor is open.


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