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Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) January 2022 Dev Update

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Happy new year simmers! It's great to be back. We hope you've had a restful holiday. To kick off 2022, this morning we released build version, available now on PC and Xbox.

This week brings us a brand new Development Roadmap. We look forward to what's in store for 2022, and we know you do, too!

SDK Update


The entire team wishes you a Happy New Year! Thank you for your constant support and for using & helping us improve our tools. We're excited to bring a lot more features to DevMode this year, but also more video tutorials, more live Q&As. The sky is the limit!

On the next Sim Update we will release a revamped documentation web site. It will be easier to find information and browse the different chapters.

A new page will also be available in the documentation: the How to make an aircraft tutorial! From model making to instruments tuning, VR, cameras, gauges, flight model, we will provide you with a very detailed explanation on how to achieve the different steps that lead to the release of your own aircraft. The tutorial will be updated along the way, but we wanted it to be available for you ASAP, so you will already be able to discover a first batch of chapters in Sim Update 8. Stay tuned!

Dev Mode

We fixed a crash in the Airport Wizard. We also fixed the airport creation with a null altitude.

Scenery Editor:

  • We fixed a crash when deleting several taxi points.
  • We fixed the light rows not working on airports without runways.
  • When editing a VASI, we now hide the spacing parameter when not needed.
  • We added a "Projected Mesh exported with Scaling" warning.

Visual Effects Editor:

  • We fixed a crash that could happen in the FX Editor Spawner when no aircraft instance was available.

Material Editor:

  • We fixed the reloading of material libraries (no more purple textures!).
  • We fixed the issues on tag removal and added a pop-up to confirm a tag deletion.
  • We now hide the delete button if a bitmap is referenced in a material.
  • The Bitmap inspector sub-window now adapts to the window size.
  • Material is now read-only if the asset-groups is not loaded.
  • We fixed the Bitmap color name.

Aircraft Editor:

  • We fixed the transparency of the debug window in aircraft editor.
  • We are investigating new corruption issues and encourage you to save a copy of your files before using the Aircraft Editor - this tool will receive a lot of love in the upcoming months!


  • We enabled AILERON and ELEVATOR events through simconnect.


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