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Microsoft has released a update for there Flight Simulator alpha build

Hello everybody,

Today’s update is a small Quality of Life update to address some important issues from Alpha you for your feedback!

Bug Fixes and QoL Improvements

➡️ Azure TTS – This build includes an improved method of generating speech for radio communications.  The Azure Custom Voice method uses cloud computing and sophisticated real-time models to better simulate real speech. This is a feature that we are exploring for future application, but the audio team needs actual usage data on it in order to determine its viability.  Please feel free to let us know what you think.

➡️  Fixed Icing issue in Airbus A320 Neo – Instruments will no longer fail, reducing airspeed to zero when encountering icing

➡️ SDK updates – SDK updates and fixes for 3rd party partner developers

Recommended Installation Guide

If you have already downloaded Alpha and had no major installation issues, please check for updates in the Microsoft Store and update your build to If you are on a version prior to, we recommend you uninstall and reinstall the Alpha. For uninstall/reinstall guidelines and troubleshooting, check out the News & Announcement section on the Alpha Forums.


? Known Issues: General ?

⦁ Some jetways are misplaced at airports
⦁ Black stripes can be visible on the side of different world tiles
⦁ Trees sometimes overlap with buildings
⦁ There are missing buildings in Chicago-O’Hare airport
⦁ There are missing buildings in Frankfurt am Main Airport
⦁ FPS tends to drop after the end of a loading sequence
⦁ FPS tends to drops during intro cutscenes
⦁ There are possible FPS drops when moving the camera around the plane
⦁ Objectives can fail to show any inputs if they were previously cleared by the user under Controls
⦁ Panels previously undocked from the toolbar can appear enable on any Activity
⦁ There are issues with the TTS voice on the Take-off Flight Training when using the Female Voice
⦁ The TTS voice during the Take Off Flight Training audio and subtitles are mismatched
⦁ We still display some debug subtitle-text with TTS audio on the Landing Flight Training
⦁ Planes can teleport 900 – 5000 FT above when returning to freeflight from any Landing Challenge
⦁ The ”Apply the Brakes” objective fails to get completed after the player applies the brakes during that Landing Tutorial
⦁ Objectives can break using the despawn /respawn at the start of the Take Off Flight Training
⦁ The TBM930 engine shuts down after a teleport
⦁ Intermittent weather bug that can sometimes create unrealistic gusting winds, more likely to hit this when the user changes settings mid-session.
⦁ HUEN main buildings are not spawning
⦁ Autopilot can become inoperable when switching between Vertical Speed and Altitude in All Aircrafts.
⦁ Switching instructor models mid flight (in tutorials) will not switch the instructor voices.
⦁ If you are upgrading from a version older than you will need to fully uninstall before installing this update
⦁ There are potential installation and update issues if the install path contains ‘Extended Unicode characters.’ For now we recommend installation paths containing standard Roman alphabet letters and numbers only.
⦁ Signing out from Xbox Live during a gameplay session can cause issues signing back in to that gameplay session.


-Microsoft Flight Simulator Team-


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