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Development Update

Here is an update on the current postponed deliverables:

  • MAY 28th – EPISODE 8 (IFR) is our current target release date
  • EARLY JUNE – Partnership Series update will be released

Alpha 3 Has Been Released

The team is excited to announce that we have released Alpha 3 (build today!

Build Notes

New content – Boeing 747-8i

Very specific details also provided for other included aircraft.

Alpha Invitations

Alpha invitations are being sent starting today!

SDK Update

Our focus on the SDK development has been intensified in recent weeks and the SDK is getting more mature as we improve it based on the feedback we receive from 3rd party developers. We are now in contact with more than 200 companies and 400+ developers have access to the SDK.

On the airports side, we are both widening the scope of what can be customized in the sim (e.g. adding the possibility to blend custom aerial imagery on the terrain, creating custom painted lines per airport) and working towards simplifying the adaptation of existing assets to the new simulator (e.g. adding support for projecting meshes).

On the aircraft side, we are working closely with 3rd party developers to ease the transition to WebAssembly and glTF. Just as with airports, we are both extending the possibilities of what can be customized and working to ease the porting of existing assets to the new simulator. We also improve our support for WebAssembly by implementing specification proposals that focus on performance.

The in-game developer mode is also seeing a lot usability improvements based on feedback from the 3rd party developers community. Overall, it’s a great journey we are on and many developers are giving us a peak what they are working on and it’s amazing. We can’t way to share more about our 3rd part partners and their creations in the coming months.

Development Roadmap


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