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Alpha 4 Patch Notes

Welcome the Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha 4 (build!

In this update you'll find new content, bug fixes, and an updated list of known issues.

A note from the development team:

There are several fixes to our simulation of the B747 in this update. Most notably, the glass cockpit displays should be more accurate now and the overall autopilot functionality has been improved. Further visual improvements were made to the cockpits, airframe exterior, and to the visual effects. The overall experience has also undergone a polish pass.

Transversal fixes to improve both commercial planes, B747 and A320, have been implemented. Updates include V-Speed improvements, which should noticeably improve the flight performance, controls, and overall predictability during flight. Improvements were added to better represent your flight plan with more accurate calculations and visual representation in the displays.

The TBM 930 received a complete pass based on user feedback and improvements from our backlog.

Finally, the team has fixed lots and lots of bugs and added further polish across the entire experience. We still have room to improve, we look forward to your feedback.

Partnership Series Update - Introducing Meteoblue

Watch as Co-founder of Meteoblue Mathias D. Muller talks about theA weather forecast system in the partnership with Microsoft Flight Simulator.


SDK Update

We continue to make good progress and plan to release an update to the SDK next week. We worked on improving the documentation as well. In addition, we are working on video tutorials to help illustrate usage of the SDK.

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