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    DC Designs Concorde Ready For Release for P3D and FSX

    So, this is the last Concorde update before the release! I'm delighted to report that work on both the FSX and Prepar3D versions is now complete, and that both packages are being sent off to Just Flig...
  • ATSimulations Releases Piaggio P.149 for FSX and Prepar3D

    ATSimulations Releases Piaggio P.149 for FSX and Prepar3D

    We bring a new level of quality with this plane. This release is for FSX and P3D only, but the FS2020 version is already in progress! And we do promise a discount for the FS2020 version coming to ever...
  • Pilot Plus Releases Wycombe Air Park For MSFS

    Pilot Plus Releases Wycombe Air Park For MSFS

    Built native for MSFS, Wycombe Air Park features full PBR and ultra-realistic texturing. The airfield has been modelled in extreme detail, there is something new to discover around every corner! We've...
  • iBlueYonder Previews Portland Airport For MSFS

    iBlueYonder Previews Portland Airport For MSFS

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  • Orbx Announces Sydney Cityscape for MSFS

    Orbx Announces Sydney Cityscape for MSFS

    We are delighted to announce our first Australian project for Microsoft Flight Simulator - we know many of you have been eagerly awaiting this! Frank Schnibben brings to life Australia's largest city...

Thank you for all of the amazing support and feedback we’ve received since launching MSFS on the 18th!


Development Update


The team is currently working hard to provide a patch update to address issues that have been recently reported. Expect a release date for the patch in our August 27th update.

In the meantime, to help those of you experiencing issues, we have setup a support page ( with up-to-the-minute updates on issue tracking/investigation, work-arounds, and solutions. Also, check out our new Twitter handle @MSFS_Support for server info and issue reports.

SDK Update

With the official release of Microsoft Flight Simulator also comes the first public Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK release. We have reached a good starting point for scenery and simple airplanes, but there is still a lot to come in the future. Since the last release in the Closed Beta, we have improved the documentation on several fronts; most notably aprons, taxiway signs, painted lines and lights. We added samples for the lights and for navigation data. The developer mode has seen many issues and crashes fixed, and now has the option to build an entire project at once, rather than requiring the developer to build package by package.

For complex aircraft, WebAssembly is still undergoing active development. We are working on some much-needed features and providing code to help port existing C++ aircraft. In addition to this, we are also actively working on mapping out the functionality of the SimConnect API. We look forward to your continued feedback, which has proven to be invaluable so far!

Around The World Tour – Episode #1 Oceania

Around the World is a 6 episode series that takes you across Oceania, Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean through the lens of Microsoft Flight Simulator. In episode 2, explore the diverse region of Asia– spanning the eastern and western hemispheres, including Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.

In case you missed it, we’ve recently released episode #1 in our Around the World Tour series.



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