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Due to MSFS being announced recently we will be moving production entirely to this new platform. The new simulator from Microsoft seems to be the next big thing and starting a year long development cycle for X-Plane it just does not make sense...

That being said with what Microsoft has shown us it doesn't seem that there will be room for 3rd party scenery products, of course we will take a look at the state of things and make an assessment on what projects to pursue.

If scenery development seems like a bad idea we will start a transition to high quality aircraft development.

Thankfully we have been given access to the Beta program (phase 1) so we will be taking a deep look at how things work inside this new simulator and what kind of technology is required to develop for it.

If it turns out there is a chance to develop sceneries we will bring all our products developed from the ground up, new and improved to match the standard set up by MS. More news about this once the beta drops.

As of today all our X-Plane products will receive a permanent 60% discount, we thank you for your continued support.


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