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Airwego Announces Historic Flights

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For those involved in running a virtual airline there is a lot of satisfaction as you provide a platform for your crew members to enjoy our shared hobby. The enthusiasm generated by an active crew can motivate you to continue to develop your "VA" perhaps beyond your initial plans.

The development path followed by the Airwego Virtual Airline Group is a prime example of this with many projects, either initiated by our crew or Staff Team, introduced allowing the VA to mature into the organisation it is today. Twenty one years on from our inception we continue to thrive.

With the launch of a brand new project, we are in a position whereby it can now allow its loyal crew members to fly "any commercial passenger aircraft" as part of our brand new Historic Flights Project with just one condition. The aircraft you choose to fly on those routes must have completed its first flight before 1970.

In this golden age of aviation air travel was a luxury of the rich and famous and in many ways a grand occasion. Our carefully chosen destinations reflect this taking our passengers from our base of operations in the United Kingdom to Continental Europe, North America and Africa.

Historic Flights are currently available from our Jersey, London Gatwick and Edinburgh bases.

We have no VA liveries available for aircraft that you might use for our Historical Flights as we simply didn't exist during this time. Pick your favourite airline from this Golden Era of aviation and off you go.

What will it be? The PMDG DC6?

How about the excellent Freeware Manfred Jahn DC3?

Maybe one of the early Boeing jets?

Immerse yourself in a bygone age and Fly the Compass.

If you would like to find out more about a virtual airline that promises "minimum rules, maximum fun" then please visit our web site - www.airwego.uk

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