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Navigraph Have Released AIRAC Cycle 2108 With ILS Fixes

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AIRAC Cycle 2108 is out! Make sure your navdata and charts are up to date.

The Navigraph development team is continuously doing work to enhance our charts and navdata services. Thanks to user postings in our support forum, we have been able to improve the accuracy of our navdata service for MSFS 2020 during the past months.

Our navdata development team recently had a breakthrough when investigating a number of approaches in MSFS 2020 that had a slightly misaligned ILS course. We are happy to announce that with Jeppesen data from Navigraph, all ILS approach courses are now aligned with the centreline and identical to the Jeppesen charts. Courses for offset approaches LDA/IGS that were previously misaligned are now also correct.

We would like to thank all users who are submitting reports through our support forum, allowing us to further enhance our navdata services!




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