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At long last, our substantial service pack for Australia v2 is ready, with apologies for the delay. In addition to a number of bug fixes we've also added a whole bunch of new content, including non-default airports and a large number of tall antennae, chimneys, and other vertical obstructions.

This update is only available via Orbx Central, if you have not switched from FTX Central then please do so.

AUv2 SP1 (2.1.0) Change Log

New content:

  • More than 70 additional airports, airfields, and seaplane bases not included in default FSX/P3D
  • Cityscape Melbourne: new custom buildings of Sealife Aquarium, Yarra helipad, Microflite Building; Gas Brigades Fire Show objects (no dynamic effects) at Crown Melbourne on Yarra River Southbank
  • Photoreal saltpans and colorful lakes: added Lake Barlee, Lake Lefroy, Lake Darlot, Esperance Lakes, Lake Hillier, and Hutt Lagoon
  • Photoreal mines: added Christmas Creek, Cloud Break, Duketon, Lake Lefroy, Ernest Henry, Jacinth-Ambrosia, and Tropicana
  • Added close to 2,000 tall antennae, masts, smokestacks, firetowers, and power plant structures
  • Enhancements and bug fixes:

    • Cityscape Melbourne: various improvements on ground textures, city models and autogen; fixed crash issues on city models
    • Fixed missing land south of Adelaide
    • Landclass improvements for coal loading area at Abbott Point
    • Removed farmland from Mt. Lindesay -28.3440549 152.71395 GOLD 8842
    • Fixed morphing textures west of Richmond AFB
    • Adjusted Lake Hamilton dry/wet areas
    • Added missing rock textures at Newcastle
    • Fixed landclass issues at Alice Springs
    • Many landclass improvements throughout AU, especially in the transition area of subregions
    • Removed mesh spike at -28.1826 151.8907
    • Corrected orientation of airport gable markers
    • YBWW Brisbane West Wellcamp; added runway lights
    • YTNB Tanbar; fixed crashes in P3D
    • YBGD Boolgeeda; added paved runway and improved local road system
    • YMBT Mount Beauty; added airport as requested
    • YMUL Murray Field; fixed invisible building
    • YMHB Hobart; fixed incorrect displaced threshold
    • YWBN Wedderburn; fixed reversed runway markings
    • YKBR Kalbarri; fixed reversed runway markings
    • YBGD Boolgeeda; changed runway type to paved


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