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Many of you are planning to make the switch from Prepar3D v4 (P4D) to Prepar3D v5 (P5D) today.

Here are some things we would like you to know. Please read through all of it, so that we don't have the forum flooded with the same question over-and-over, thanks!

Compatibility: In order to run PMDG products in P5D, we will need to rebuild certain key pieces of each product in order to strip out problem areas, replace them with correctly implemented features, and capitalize on many of the new efficiencies that are to be gained in this new platform. This process of doing this is underway, but will take some time..."

Getting Our Products Rebuilt: We are in the process of preparing new version builds of our NGXu product line, the 747, 777 and DC-6 respectively- each updated to be compatible with P5D. These builds are going to take a litle time to roll out to you and your patience is appreciated. The first to roll out will be the 747- and we are hoping to have that to you within days. The others will follow swiftly thereafter.

No Charge for Entry: As previously announced, moving from P4D to P5D will be a free update. (Please don't confuse free with easy, however. There is a significant amount of work we have to do in the background for you... and this work takes time.)

Timeline Expectations: This is hard to pin down, as these rebuilds are not simply a matter of recompiling the installer with awareness of P5D. There is quite a bit more that goes into them, including complete refactors of certain functions, lighting, etc. These things take time.

Manual Dragon-Drop: (Yes, I call it that on purpose... Laugh--it is funny!) Enterprising users who know enough about how products are structured into P4D will probably be able to manually drag-and-drop all of the necessary files over to P5D. Since we do not make any effort to prevent our product from running when version numbers change- you will find that the P4D versions will run quite happily in P5D- which is just grand, but be warned: There are many things that need to be adjusted in order for the product to run well.

Beware of Dog: Anyone who feels enterprising and wishes to drag files around in hopes if seeing our products in P5D: You do so at your own risk. We will not provide, nor will we even answer questions related to any problems you create while doing this. We will not reset license keys for you because you locked yourself out due to impatience, nor will we provide even a hint of suggestion on what you might be doing wrong or how to fix your installation if things go awry. Generally we think it best that you wait until we give you a proper working installer and then you will be all set.

Yes... We are probably aware of that... We have already seen a number of users flooding our technical support team with questions along the lines of "I see the new P5D has will PMDG ." I have instructed our support team to reply to you politely with the following phrase:

"As with all of the platforms that we have worked with during the past 22 years, we will evaluate what features we can use to enhance our excellent product quality. We will communicate those things to you as we accomplish them. Thank you for your interest."

So now you don't have to go to support to ask them. You already have your answer. No, all of these things won't be in the first round of installers... we will bring them to you later when we have actually had time to implement them.

The Order of This and That: (Which sounds like a great, Genesis (circa Peter Gabriel period) song title, doesn't it?) You may be wondering what order in which to expect things, such as our already discussed product updates that are rolling out, etc. We don't know at this juncture. Simply focusing on one airplane at a time is the best for our team but it will slow down the P5D update schedule so it isn't optimal- but we really don't even know if it is necessary at this juncture. Many many moving parts and we will push updates and new installers to you as we have them ready.

Thank you for your patience during this transition period. We are a small team and we are working through the tasks just as quickly as we can.