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This update is a major feature & quality-of-life update and is recommended for all users.

All existing users should look out for an update on their iPad app, and then use the installer from this web site to install/update their server application and simulator plugins. Please make sure you update both the iPad app and the server application/plugins on your computer, before you try to use the app. Updating one but not the other, may lead to breakages. The latest details on the install process and app usage can be found in our manual. The SimControlX Server installer may be downloaded from our downloads page. The iPad app can be installed/updated from the App Store.

This version introduces compatibility with the newly released Prepar3D version 5! We have experienced great performance improvements with this new simulator version on our machines and think SimControlX will be the perfect flight companion to pair with the sim for anyone looking to make upgrade to the new version. We've even included an updated airport directory to take advantage of the long overdue database updates made in the simulator!

Also introduced with this version is an ATC clearance electronic scratchpad, for users who want to work with live ATC (like PilotEdge) or in-sim ATC. The form provides a convenient way to practice noting down clearance details received from your simulated ATC and mimics what you might use with popular EFBs in the real world.

Detailed list of changes in this version:

  • Updated airport directory for use with P3D v5.
  • Added option to change date in simulator.
  • Added a form to practice noting down ATC clearances.
  • Adjusted approach distance presets for repositioning.
  • Added option to attach/detach jetways for pushback in P3D.
  • Added option to quit simulator. (Pro users only)
  • Bugfix for visibility setting for Elite users with P3D visuals.
  • Improvement to repositioning logic in P3D to prevent occasional "snap to ground".
  • Improvement to METAR injection logic for P3D.
  • Other minor enhancements.

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